Brake discs - urgent!


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Hi all,

Had my car in for a service last Monday, appears after much denial I do finally need to buy new front brake discs + pads! The garage however wanted £170 for the pleasure which I thought was a bit much..

I know a mechanic who is going to fit them discs + pads for me instead but wants me to source the parts. I've been looking around on Ebay + online stores for the parts, I want to make sure I get the right one however? Is there a major difference between makes,etc. What about diameter size etc?

Car is a K11 S 2002 1.0 16v, 14" wheel.



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i got original nissan pads on ebay, for a tenner posted. keep your eye open, i think all the pads are the same for the k11 (prefacelift & facelift)

at a guess discs would be the same but i couldnt say for sure.

I see alot on ebay disc and pad sets, you could probably save a few quid that way.