Brake and Fuel Lines- In Car

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Just a query before I put my new engine in, going to setup the brake and fuel lines within the car, just wondering if I'm going to use nickel copper brake lines and braided fuel lines what size do I need to be using? didn't realise the is so many different sizes to choose from.

Hi mate sorry I hadn't replied to ur pm in I'm hospital unfortunately , the brake line if its copper is 3/16 if I remember rite or if its braided -3 :)

Not sure on the fuels as mine are still factory
Fuel -6 (Dash 6)
Brake -3(Dash 3)
Dont scrimp use PTFE or you will get a strong fuel smell in the car and the brake will give better (less) volumetric expansion so a moreolid feel at the pedal.
Full braided brake lines will give you a feeling of a bit more of a "spongy" (wont be massively noticeable) pedal compared to running as much copper lines as you can. Both wouldn't be a problem obviously, just depends what you think it best. Both of my Micras have been copper inside with braided BF Goodrich lines outside and my pedal on both felt absolutely lovely.

Like Misterc123 said, use proper braided lines for fuel. My first Micra used to stink of petrol if you left it locked up overnight etc as it was the cheaper-made stuff.
Micras use 3/16 brake pipe and use m10 x 1 fittings as standard. A length of copper pipe (25ft) is sufficient to remake the whole lot (see "hydraulic handbrake guide") or use full braided lines they should be clamped down every 12inches. Never noticed a difference between copper with braided hose and full braided except cost
Make sure you use proper brake hose and fittings. The smell of fuel is a small price to pay over no brakes

Still no reason to cheap out :) but micras use 7mm fuel pipe as standard (at least mine did) Yes a 1mm difference has a big effect I found out the hard way


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You shouldn't need to use PTFE for compression fittings either, which hydraulic(brake) fittings should be no?