Boot Release Help!

hi, i have this installed in boot, its all installed and there are two wires coming from it going to my dash, thats it.

i have no idea how to make it work or how to connect it up. its been like this for ages and since i have a flush boot i keep on putting back seats down when i have to open boot.

here is a picture of the device that has been installed.




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have you not got a switch on the dash anywhere?
boot popping kits are relatively cheap maybe you could just get a new one.


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black one to ground (anything metal as long as its bare metal, there should be other black wires about the place that are attached to the chassis) the red wire should go to a relay, then you switch the relay in what ever way you want to open the boot.

don't forget a fuse.

but really i don't think those actuators have enough pull to open a boot lock