Boot/Petrol Release Mechanism.

Recently decided to install one of these onto my K11C.....May have destroyed some of the mechanism in the process of removing it at the scrappy....this bit.

Do other Nissans have the same mechanism, primarily the 'stand off' thing on the fuel part or do I need to keep hunting yards for a K11 one?

a lot of the post 2000 k11's were fitted with them, think the older primers and almera used them but any k11 with one fitted is the same , tho there is two version one for just fuel and a boot/fuel one , I will look at the spare fuel one as I think it's the same
Thanks.....My 2000 S did not come with one so, the one I have removed from the yard is a boot and flap one.

The bit I managed to break, being the hamfisted person that I am.

And the release flap for the boot and flap.

We are in Kent, South East.
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Ahh, right, I'm in the north east lol, age it's just a standard one , that could work just a bit dodgy on the threads for the plastic nut
I have a feeling a bunch of Nissans of that era used the same mechanism.
Saw a set for a 350Z that looked identical, except for the price, because of the car.

I was in a similar situation as when I took it off of my early prefacelift, the nut holding it on was missing, and about a year later I broke something off and it fell into the rear bumper.
But I later got a donor second facelift that only had a fuel flap release (no boot) and used the parts from there.

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Thanks, I am no genius with this stuff so, any clues are welcomed.....I will have a good nose when I go back to the yard later this week.

I will look at the K12's and, see if there is a 350Z lurking anywhere locally.

Excellent, thank you.....The handle I have so, will be having a good look at other Nissans when I am next at the yard. so annoyed I broke it.