Bolt on upgrades?

After lurking for a while I thought it was high time I made a post.

Current 'modifications' are 35mm direnza springs, mushroom filter sitting on throttle body (Temporarily), fleabay backbox & gutted out rear.

I've seen a few posts about swapping out the cams to 1.3 and GA15/16 throttle body with debatable gains prior to a map which look interesting and relatively easy for my level of mechanical knowledge. Would anyone be able to suggest any avenues to pursue aside forced induction/engine swap?

Ideally looking for entry level mods and learn as I go.



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I've found that changing my plugs for bosh super 4's and some 8mm leads makes mine pull a lot better and gave the car alot nicer sound I've not modified the exhaust system at all apart from welding a tip on, I also found the induction only really helped once I removed the rev limiter there's lots of stuff out there tbh but unless your willing too splash out on a standalone ecu then there's really no point in it as the current one will correct the fuel air ratio.

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Pends on what your looking at
I put 35mm coils new dampers, front been gas, almera 147mm brakes ,top and bottom front brace, coil pack too mounts, primer a airbox, and a 1ltr mid pipe with a neo fart can, (it's a 1.3)
it handles very well, Recon when I fit the anti roll bars back on, and the tracking doing right, it will be like a kart, tho I think the tyres will be it's next limit, but not .changing as I want a daily usable car

tho like I always say is rust, rot , make sure the shell is clean, millage ect means nothing, and the underseal hides /makes rust worse
Depends on the budget tbh nistune would be the obvious option or you could go down the piggyback route and get a 1.4 ecu re flashed with a new map, I'm currently looking buying a old apexi safc for mine so I can have a fiddle while saving up better parts

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