body kits for a k11 micra? can any1 help?


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alrite ppz!

thing is i get ripped for drivin a micra! im a guy an they all say its a birds car! is it? so i came up with a plan!

body kit but every time i look for hours an get the same old kit! it makes it look like an upaluma car!

can any1 point me in the direction of a nice kit? OR would a mean corsa kit fit?



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errr dusk you do know your posting on a micra forum dont you ?

as for gotta look towards Japan, or maybe a mix and match type job. Only prob being Japanese kits seem costly to get in.


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Hi and welcome to the club BTW.

For a bodykit you could always look at a set of SR/ Super S bumpers and pick up some sideskirts you like for it aswell.

As said there is the Nippon kit, there is also a "Bad Boys" kit you can buy for the car that is on Ebay sometimes.

I see more girls driving Clios and Corsas than guys - does that make them girls cars? I would'nt worry about what people are saying - do your own thing.


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Agreed - Welcome to the forum.

For a girls car, they are fast and handle superb. Don't listen to what other people say, micras are the way forward.. :)


Iggy Iggy oooooooooo
not girls cars at all....Jap car so very reliable and nicely styled, some people say the K12's look ugly but kitted up like 'nismo_K12' has done and it looks mint :D


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hughes_16v said:
whats peoples views on that nippon kit i cant make my mind up

could be like marmite...

i personally dont like it...but if you do, then really all that matters. :)

Ian, thats my plan ;)

Buying from Japan -- need to include Shipping Costs, Import Duty, VAT and any Storage total price which unfortunatly will give the 668.964 GBP a fair price hike.

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welcome to the forums! Micra's arent girls cars lol so ignore all that rubbish! Also all kits will fit the micra, but it just depends how much you're prepared to part with in order to get them fitted!! it would all have to be custom work.

Anyway, if you like the car then thats all that matters, and whatever kit you decide to get, make sure you get it if you like it and not what others think!


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good words there my man! some of the jap kits looked pretty cool to me no doubt expensive after the import cost but youd probably have to only one! how cool is that :D