Bobbys Eaton M45 Supercharged Proton Satria


Official MSC Trader
Another unusual one this. Carried out some work on Bobby's Proton Satria this week which involved completing the installation of the e-Manage Blue, and mapping it to suit the car.
The engine is a 4G93 Mitsubishi 1.8 16v engine. It has a custom intake with a mini Cooper M45 supercharger bolted to the underside. Stock this engine produces 138BHP @ 6000 rpm and 133lb/ft @ 3500 rpm. Perhaps of note Mitsubishi also a turbo varient of this engine which produced 204bhp and 200lb/ft of torque.
As well as this it had a full exhaust system, funky paint job, nitrous (yet to be setup) and a host of other little details.

So on to the dyno we went. After resolving a few issues with the fuel pressure regulator, tuning quickly commenced and away we went. Below are some pics of the results.

As always if you have anything similar and need help get in touch and we will sew what we can do for you.






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