Greetings from Denmark 🙂
My 2009 Micra Accenta with LH steering wheel suffers with a heat blower problem. It rattles and when I tap on the blower house, it sometimes helps to get the blower running, very slow and with the rattling noise. It's NOT the resistor pack problem.
I have read that it IS possible to remove the blower unit out under the dashboard at the RH side. My Micrs has no pedals at the right side.
Somebody wrote here, that (can not remember where ...) it then should be quite easy to do the swap on a car with a LH steering wheel.
Can anybody help me with further advice, please? It's getting cold, and now it's rather critical, that the blower doesn't work.
Try a free download of the worshop manual .:unsure:

Thanks, but that won't help me. I already have a Haynes Workshop Manual.
I'm asking for an advice regarding how to remove the blower motor out under the dash to the right side. Somebody has done that, but I need some more details.
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Try this video for tips in replacing the motor (blower):unsure:
Hi Mach1
I will have a look at it. Thanks. Hope that it also works for an 2009 Micra III - the car in the video is an 2008 Nissan Versa.
As he says in the video - It's a little bit tight up there ...
Best regards - Mike