Black stuff behind the dash, is it important?

As above really, I’ve currently stripped the entire interior to a K11 in prep for a fresher one... she’s been stood for a year with some mould issues so I’m trying to eradicate as much as possible

Theres this black stuff behind the dash as per the pic, I’m just curious if it’s meant to be for fire proofing, as the piece we pulled off to test burns pretty well....

Can I bin it all? Dont care about extra noise, it’s meant for spirited/track driving anyway, so if I can lighten the load all the better!



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If you really don't care about the noise, you can remove it. But, it does increase cabin noise significantly!

In it's former life my SuperS was running a set of ITBs. I gave the car a good dose of lightening which involved removing that sound deadening. The increase in noise was nothing short of immense. Fine if you're going to wear a helmet with ear cups/ear plugs or a rally head set. On the road however, it was utterly un-driveable without heavy ear protection :cautious:
Perfect, consider it done! Thanks for the advice!

And no problem about the noise, I’m that kind of daft... it’s still having the interior put back in, Im just getting rid of a little excess weight where I can