Black K11 super s 1994 for sale


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Black K11 super s 1994 for sale - NOW ON EBAY

I have put a post up before for this car, but this is a revised version with more pics etc. I'm trying to get rid as it is taking up space, so if I dont get much immediate interest i'm going to put it on ebay and get what I can for it (feel free to bid!)

It's my girlfriends car which she bought just over 5 years ago (before we were together) mainly because she like the look of it, and so was not worried about things like service history etc (that most people look for in a car). She knows very little about what has been done to the car, and therefore I dont know exactly what has been done, but i'll put down everything I can think of. Ok, here goes.

15" Fox alloys in fairly good condition. By no means perfect, prob better than you would expect them to for having been on a car for over 5 years with no refurb etc

Suspension is uprated and lowered. It is really quite solid (but my gf has coped with it fine for all this time), but the flipside is it handles like its on rails and it'll take any corner at virtually any speed

Has a sparco front strut brace

Half leather interior that I believe are Rover Tomcat seats. As with all this stuff, it was done by the previous owner so I cant tell you all the hows and whats etc

Tyres are good all round. Front 2 were new april 06 and i'd say 5mm+ tread. Rear ones are still good, prob 5mm or just under.

Front discs/rear drums (dont think it has abs)

Car has been delocked, has a toad alarm, and has aftermarket elec windows.

Black, 1.3 supersport, 100,000 miles, tax until september, MOT was done in April so plenty left. Had a new exhaust (inc cat if I recall correctly) last year, front discs and pads new april 07, done for MOT.

New battery with 3yr guarantee in Feb 07

Ok, bad points:

No service history. My gf bought it with none, and due to not knowing anything about cars, has not had anything done since she owned it. All receipts from MOT's etc she has, but no evidence of servicing. This is a real credit to Nissan, the engine is absolutely bullet proof, has never failed to start since i've known the car (over 2 years), and always needed minimal work to get through MOT. I've always checked oil/water etc, but never replaced. The car sometimes screeches when you start it from cold (timing belt??), but other than that, mechanically I can think of nothing else wrong.

Bodywork lets the car down a little, but with a few £'s spent could look lovely. Paint is begining to fade on the roof, well IS fading on the roof. There is a dent in the bonnet (which you can just make out in a pic I think), and there is a crease on the nearside front wing. We have no idea how it got there, but almost looks like someone hit the top of the wing (above the wheel arch, next to the bonnet) with and axe (I will get a pic up asap). There are minimal rust spots.

The alarm works fine, apart from the central locking on the passenger door does not work, ie. you have to lock and unlock it from inside the car. I should imagine this is very easily fixed, but it has never bothered my girlfriend.

I believe the previous owner had big plans for the car, he spent a lot of money on it, then turned his attention to something else. It had a performance manifold on too, but this got removed when the new exhaust was fitted.

I am trying to put down everything I can think of, i'm not pretending the car is perfect, but I honestly believe it'll go on for another 50k miles easy, and if looked after then even more. I would recommend coming to see it, or am willing to meet halfway if anyone is seriously interested! Car is located in Stroud, Gloucestershire (GL5).

Contact me: [email protected], mobile 07825392771, home 01453 766553 Dont hesitate to contact me if you have any more quesions.

We're hoping for £500 but dont be afraid to make a reasonable offer. With long MOT, decent tyres and bullet proof engine this is a decent car at a decent price. I know mods do not add value, but i'm pretty sure I could make £500 by stripping it and selling everything, I just dont have the time or space! Cheers. Jake.




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Think it says in the ad, we are hoping for £500. We are aware that bodywork etc not perfect, and no service history so feel free to make an offer (only a sensible ones please).


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I pm'd him once i'd realised he posted in the other thread too. I'm hoping to close to £500 really and if I cant sell it through the forum i'm going to put it on ebay.