Birmingham Meet-Sunday 20th of January *Star City*


:eek: :eek: :eek: :eek:

What do you class as improved jay? like the existing snow clears a bit? like its like in Devnosh?
South Devon where I'm from had nothing but rain today, north Devon bristol, glous, were hit bad. Looked at local news. Didn't seem the weather to go driving on a motorway for 4 hours plus if they are down to one road accidents etc. Not worth it.

Can always make another day, just weekend wasn't chosen by the weather to be the one...


If the weather improves by not snowing and roads are closed ,traffic, met office gives it 'light' snow on the day.

But will keep checking. Of course u want to go. It's just not worth risking my life for.
Those people who lives in far area. You will need to check with motorways updates before you go. Still it might be snowing again tonight :S
Had loads by me today but still made it to my nans on.the south coast easy, main roads have been fine, just need them to sort the m1 before Sunday!
If this doesn't end up happening due to weather conditions, shall we organise it for Sunday 3rd Feb? That way we can all prepare for that and the snow has plenty of time to clear, just in the eventuality that we aren't able to be there. I know that Helpsy can't do the 27th January anyway.


Sorry guys not going to make it this weekend. Long story short. Few complications at home, funds are tight and not risking the weather. I will be happy for another weekend. When all I can concentrate on is meeting the lovely micra people.


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I can't do 27th either, I'm happy enough to see what happens this weekend but don't be suprised if I don't come
I doubt I'll be going atm, roads are still covered up here. It's supposed to snow in Birmingham all day tomorrow as well. So, who would be up for the 3rd Feb?