Birmingham Meet-Sunday 20th of January *Star City*

Sweet mate, let me know if the 1.3 cams are worth having ayit! :)
Yeah will do, i'll take it for a good blatt somewhere over the weekend as i was uncharacteristically sympathetic to it on the way home so it could settle in with the new seals etc. Did seem a bit more pokey though :) maybe not the normal response to them but i found maybe more torque as i was getting tyres spinning when i didnt expect to pulling away.


So I wanna make it to this meet....! :p gota week to sort SS out....have a local meet night before. If I do make it ill be leaving around 5pm. Tis a 4 hour drive each way :eek:
Just eat a loaf of bread and you will be fine! Sometimes I really do regret the amount of Smirnoff and monster I drink xD


Woopa Pandastyle!
Hate to put a downer on things guys but we have bit weather reports for friday/weekend.. lets hope its at least gone by then :)
Think biggest issue for me is gonna be cost, Sheffield to Birmingham and back is a lot of petrol when you're only on jsa :(
would like to come but weather non to clever made worse with a non functioning heater theres warmer fridges out there than the yellow peril