Beta test the new version of our Android app!


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We've pushed a beta version of our app onto the Play Store!

If you want, you can sign up to become a beta tester!

NB: You must be running Android 4.0+ to test the new version!

It's quite straightforward, but there a couple of hoops you need to jump through (that's Google not us)!
  1. Sign in to the account tied to your phone's Play Store account
  2. Join this community:
  3. Go to this link:
  4. Agree to the following screen:
  5. That's it, your phone should now download the beta version as if it were a normal update!
As it's a beta, we'd appreciate any bug reports you have, but it's much better than the last version! :)



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I uploaded the APK about half an hour ago, but the release schedule is the same as normal apps, so it could take a couple of hours to appear!


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It's based on Tapatalk 4, which is a much nicer all-round app. Just test it and see! ;) I'll get some screenshots shortly :)
Little feedback
Smilies dont show up they stay as text. When then do appear the show as :)
Plus if you aren't on dark mode you cant see your options (quote, like etc) when clicking a post :)
I keep finding that the new app is extremely slow to refresh. Even if I manually refresh it doesn't seem to achieve anything. It seems the only way to keep bang up to date is to log out then log back in again.
Also, in the main drop down menu on the lhs the 'messages' icon seems to randomly disappear and reappear throughout the day.


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Thanks to everyone who helped test the new version of the app, it's now been released out of beta and is available to anyone with Android 4.0+!

There are additional permissions required for anyone updating from the old version, but once you've updated manually once it should be fine!

To all our beta testers: Thank you for your reports, you've helped squash plenty of bugs! :) If you want to stay in the beta channel, please feel free, as all future updates will be released to the beta channel a week before pushing to the public channel!

Actually @James I've been having refresh issues... I have to close the app and restart it to get it to refresh. And on occasion on opening the app it may not load at all.
Don't know if its a problem you've come across? Only just thought to sau something


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I find this version so much harder to use trying to upload a picture and wont upload anymore than 1 to a reply @james preferred the old version.