Best Place to Get Tyres for a K12 Sport+


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So I got the tracking and balancing done on my wheels yesterday, which was long overdue as I was sure it was going to kill me otherwise, it was pretty badly out after I slammed a badger with the driver's side one.

Whilst I was there (STS Tyre Pro's, would really recommend them!) they said my offside tyres would both need replacing soon as they're showing quite a bit of wear.

I've been having a look around and it's really hard to find the type of tyre that fit the Sport+ rims properly, (185/50/R16's) I was wondering where people on here get their tyres from. I know I could get the tyre place to order me some in, they even offered to whilst I was there and said they where quite a rare size of tyre, but I'm just looking around to try and see how much it's going to cost me.

I'd quite like Continentals to match what I already have preferably, and they seem even harder to find than just tyres that are the right size.


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I'll second your recommendation of STS Tyre Pros (previously Stapletons). They fit my winter tyres (175/65 15s)yesterday at £76 a piece for continentals. That's after "Discount Tyres" told me I'd never find a winter tyre near £70, except online. They're also fitting my girlfriend's today (185/60 15s) for £70 a corner on Dunlop Winter Response.

Considering that blackcircles and camskills at the time had similar tyres at £69, the cost of delivery then fitting is prohibitive.

If you like STS, and they can give you a reasonable price I'd say use them, and help them stay in business. The lads at Hemel are decent, professional sorts, so I'd certainly like to help them stay in a job.

Incidentally, if you do order your tyres online, it is STS's policy NOT to fit them, so you'd have to go elsewhere for that - I've been quoted anywhere from £15 to £20 a wheel for fitting.