Best Monitor?


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The GNR 15" LCD has done me well for 6 years but its time to upgrade... go bigger, sharper and wider..

I brought an Acer 22" from PC World but returned it.. it lacked clarity and the colours just seemed to have no depth. If that makes sense.

So what do I get? The budget is £200-350
The size... no larger than 22"
Has to be sharp and clear with great colours and refresh rate.. going to use it for work, the odd dvd and no gaming!

View Sonic? Dell? Sony?



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I'd stay away from sony, they are good for the picture but have a lot of problems, if you get a sony get a warranty


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I'd go with Dell too If you can afford it, I have a 19" Dell at work for plugging into my Macbook Pro. But I have a Hanns G 19" at home on my PC, cos I'm poor lol, its really fab.

I'd go with an LG. They've got some nice 17 and 19" ones out, for example, the L1913p which i'm using right now.

We've got about 50LG's at work and haven't had a problem with any :)


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Having an entire screen to it with 3 servers... Addicted might be better :p

Plus i need it for work :)

- I edited the link just before you James :p


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*rubs hands with glee* cheers

can you raise the level on the dell or is the height fixed? the problem with the gnr was you could only tilt it back and fourth but could not adjust height so I had to waste money on a monitor storage tray to raise it...


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It's fully moveable,

Height adjustable,
Pivots through all angles :)

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