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Bens K10. The Second Micra



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Quick update! My other light has just turned up from Japan!! Genuine 1982 NOS part :D

DSC_0917 (Large).JPG

DSC_0918 (Large).JPG

DSC_0919 (Large).JPG

DSC_0920 (Large).JPG

DSC_0921 (Large).JPG
Neat! Were those JDM only? Curious, cause I got a set from the breakers, along with combination front bumper lights (position/turn indicator). I think they might've been used in early preface models, not too sure. No idea if I'll decide to fit them either, not that easy to find and I'd hate to lose them in a collision or something.


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Neat! Were those JDM only? Curious, cause I got a set from the breakers, along with combination front bumper lights (position/turn indicator). I think they might've been used in early preface models, not too sure. No idea if I'll decide to fit them either, not that easy to find and I'd hate to lose them in a collision or something.

Unfortunately they are not JDM lights but really early spec rear lights. They were on the 1982-1984 K10's and are extremely hard to find. I only got mine from japan as i got them for a decent price :)


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Well it's here. The update we've all been waiting for, today is the day i attempted to get the K10 up and running :D

So got a message from Connor (guy i bought the K11 loom for) in the week to say he'd got the ignition barrel off for me and said i could pick it up Sunday. Got up early(ish) to travel to Newent to pick it up.
IMG_0007 (Large).JPG

I was pretty excited to get this as i've been waiting for about two months, and it's the last bit i needed for the K11 loom :)

IMG_0008 (Large).JPG
Found my battery tray in the shed so put it back in the car, it is in need of a clean and paint, but it can wait for now.

Got the ignition barrel in the car, sorted a few earths and turned the (k11) key and i got some life from the K11 clocks and noticed NATS was happy (for now)

This is the first video of me trying to start the K10 up with the K11 loom.... Been a long time in the making this

After that attempt i took the dizzy off to find it was out by 180 degree's. Sorted that and put the dizzy back in place best i could (using where the bolts had left a mark in the metal to line it up), and realised that my fuel pump (meant for carbs) was not supplying enough fuel. Luckily i do now have a standard K11 pump to go in once i order the correct size pipe :)

So onto attempt nuber two

Well it's not been the biggest post on this blog (content wise) but it is the post that i am most pleased about. Today for the first time in well over a year the CG13 has (almost) burst back into life and the first time since December 2015 the K10 has had a running (almost) engine. Going to charge up the K10's battery get some pipe for the K11 pump and give it another go!!
I am well pleased, this has brought me so much closer to finally getting my Micra back on the road :D


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Watching this with interest. Doing a K10 CG swap as well.

Just make sure you make a better engine mount then i did! I was in a rush to get it done. Will be making an improved version once it's back on the road :)

Also if you got any questions just PM me and i'll try my best to help you out :)
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The shell I have has already had the drivers side engine mount moved forward, and we're using the 4-speed K10 box, so hopefully it should all fit nicely.

I'm sure something will go wrong though.


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It's Update time again!! I've not got any pictures for this one sorry.

In the week i tried to connect the standard K11 fuel pump up, didn't work that well as the k11 pump has a filter attached to the end of it, and i couldn't replace it with a pipe. Tired it anyway and got fuel all in the back :/

The plan now is to buy a universal fuel pump from ebay that has the correct fitting's for fuel pipe, some adaptors and some pipe. Then give it another go! Hopefully then i'll have enough fuel to get my CG running :)

Parts are just about to be ordered tonight so hopefully i'll get them in the week and can then spend next weekend pluming it all in!

That's all for now, but hopefully the next update will have a video of a running CG13! :D

After that will have a few things to sort (mainly throttle cable as the K10's is to short), put it back together and get an MOT on it!!

*Edit parts have been ordered!
Consists of

1x Universal Fuel Pump
1x 12-6mm connector
1x 6-8mm connector
1x 500mm of 12mm pipe
1x 500mm of 8mm pipe

All for £28 delivered! Gotta love Ebay :)
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Well all my parts have arrived, so after coming home from work i'd thought i would do some work on the K10 and see if i could get it running! :)

IMG_0016 (Large).JPG
My fuel pump, pipe and pipe connectors, ready to go together.

IMG_0017 (Large).JPG
My Ebay fuel pump. Wonder if it'll be any good in the long run.

IMG_0018 (Large).JPG
Best i could do with the pump. It has a 12mm inlet and 8mm outlet and the pipes coming out of the K10's fuel tank are both 6mm so i had to adapt the pump to work with the smaller pipe.

IMG_0019 (Large).JPG
Fuel pump, plumed in! Only temp just to test everything, will shorten pipes and screw everything down when i know it's all working ok. Ohh and the carburetor fuel pump will be going, didn't have a screwdriver on me to remove it haha.

So after getting the fuel pump plumed and wired in i thought i'd give it ago! This really is the first attempt of starting it with the new fuel pump, but i did test that the pump was working beforehand! :)

Bonus Video's :D

(exhaust sound)

(me driving it.... Well about 1 metre back into the garage but it proves it moves under it's own power! :) )

Yeah well that's that for now, got a load of wiring to tidy up, get the fuel pump mounted up properly (main reason it's so noisy as it's just resting on the body, when i picked it up it was actually pretty quiet). Got to sort a throttle cable out as the K10's won't work as it is way to short, and fit a K11 fuel filter, as well as many other small but important jobs!

Been waiting for this moment for pretty much 9 months and it's just as good as i thought it would be!! Won't be long now till i'm out tearing up the streets of South Wales ;)


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Very very delayed update! Well i say it's an update but i really didn't do all that much haha

So i tried swapping over the temperature sensor from the MA10 to the CG13 to see if that would solve my problem of no reading on the dash. The sensor swapped over fine (thanks Nissan :D) but still no luck. I am unsure as to why it's not working but it's not much of a problem as the rad fan still kicks in when warm.

IMG_0061 (Large).JPG
This is a (blurry) photo of the temp sensor and plug on the CG13. Plug is from the K10 loom but will not show on the dash...

IMG_0062 (Large).JPG
Ohh yeah, i also decide to drive the K10 out of the garage for the first time in a year!!! Was good fun until i reversed it back in and found i'd not done a connection up properly and leaked fuel all over the rear carpet!!!

IMG_0063 (Large).JPG
Woop! Not seen the beasty out in the open for a very long time!.

IMG_0064 (Large).JPG
My ehmmm.... very messy lockup, it need a flipping good clean and now the K10 can move i might get round to it after the winter. Most of it belongs to my brother anyway :L

IMG_0065 (Large).JPG
Thought i needed a K10 and 850 picture, my two awesome cars :)

So that's my very small and very delayed update. This happened well over a month ago now. Not had the chance to work on it recently but, after Christmas things are going to start moving very quickly as i need my K10 back on the road!!!

I'll be back with a proper update soon!! :D


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Well i've finally had a bit of time to work on the K10, been busy pretty much the whole week i've been off. So i thought i would have ago at tidying up the K11 loom and find some places to hide the wiring.

So time to get the dash out and see what's what. I actually forgot how easy it is to get the dash out on a K10. As long as the steering wheel and stalks are out of the way. Also most difficult part about putting it back is lining up all the heater ducting!.
IMG_0072 (Large).JPG
So front seats out let's see if i can tidy this mess up a bit.

IMG_0079 (Large).JPG
Well now the dash is out i'm going to try and route the K11 loom through the steering column support and try and get it to sit behind all the heater pipes. hopefully once it's all cable tied in place the dash should fit back in ok. At least now most of the wiring is off the floor, i think i'll have the ECU mounted by the speaker, i'm not planning on having a radio in this car so it won't matter haha.

IMG_0081 (Large).JPG
Seats out dash out and wiring starting to look a bit neater, i'm just hoping the dash will go back in ok.

IMG_0082 (Large).JPG
So yeah i know it looks bad now but once the dash is back on and i've gotten busy with the cable ties, hopefully this should all tuck away nicely.

I also did a bit of soldering and sorted some joints and extended some earth cables too and taped up as much unneeded loom as possible, if i was a bit better at this, i could figure out what part of this loom i don't need and remove a substantial amount but i'm not and i don't want to cut anything out that may be important!

So hopefully tomorrow i'll get the dash back in and see if the K10 still want's to start up!


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Had a little bit of time to work on the K10 today (no pictures today, sorry!) Wanted to see if the Micra would still run now that i've moved the wiring around and without the K11 clocks attached. Luckily for me it's still working and doesn't need the K11 clocks attached to run. Also discovered a fuel leak around just under the fuel filter and quickly fixed that, last thing i want is fuel leaks!! Especially in the engine bay!!

If the weather is dry(ish) tomorrow i'll see if i can get the dashboard to fit back in. I do have a black dash to go in but for now i'll be using the grey dash as some holes may need to be drilled into it to attach different bits of K11 loom.

After the dash goes back in things left to do are

Attach fuel pump properly both electrically and to the car
Make up a throttle cable (as the K10's is too short)
Tidy up engine bay wiring so it's not all dangling around
Get a grommet for the firewall
Sort exhaust manifold leak.
Put the front end back on

Thats pretty much all that needs doing to my car to get it ready to roll out of the garage and to an MOT centre (ohh and saving up for insurance!!). Then i've got a whole other list of things to get it looking pretty again!

Won't be long now, till i'm back behind the wheel again, and i cannot wait! :D


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Last little update until the weekend as i'm back in work tomorrow so i won't have any daylight to work on the K10!

Thought i'd try and remove a little bit of engine loom that i know i wouldn't need, that being the starter motor on the K11 loom. Had no problems cutting back and getting it out.
IMG_0084 (Large).JPG
Well at least it's something

IMG_0085 (Large).JPG
Can just about see in the mess of wires the new insulation tape on some wires, taking that massive starter motor cable out of the loom helped a bit.

IMG_0087 (Large).JPG
I know it doesn't look much different to my last post but i've been busy with the cable ties, to get the K11 loom to tuck into the right places ready to put the dash back in.

IMG_0088 (Large).JPG
Yay!! Dash is back in :)
Didn't have that many issues getting it back in place with the extra wiring, was just the heater pipes that gave the most trouble. I thought about putting my black dash in now, but since i know i'm going to be drilling holes for cable ties in it, i can make sure they are all in the right place before hacking the black dash up!!

IMG_0089 (Large).JPG
Nice, no more wires on in the footwell! Ignore the wiring on the right that's going under the carpet at some point. I do also need to find a home for the ECU but i'm happy to leave it there for now.

IMG_0092 (Large).JPG
Also decide to check the plugs and noticed they are very sooty, i'm hoping this is down to me having the engine idling, and the fact i don't have the lambda sensor in place yet.

Well that's all my updates for now. I'm planning on doing a bit more work over the weekend, including wiring up the fuel pump properly :)


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Hi mate can you do me a favour please, could you please measure between the head and firewall

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I've just stumbled across this, and ended up reading through the entire thread. This is an awesome project, and the amount of love (and dosh) that has gone into this little car is actually quite inspiring. I hope you keep the updates rolling in, man!


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I've just stumbled across this, and ended up reading through the entire thread. This is an awesome project, and the amount of love (and dosh) that has gone into this little car is actually quite inspiring. I hope you keep the updates rolling in, man!

Thanks! I really appreciate it mate :)


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I'm a bit late with last weekends update but better late than never haha. This weekend i thought i would get a few more bits wired in so i decide to get my sidelights back on and wired in properly and have a mess around with a little side project.

IMG_0094 (Large).JPG
Borrowed some tools from work, i've yet to buy stuff like this but my mate was nice enough to lend them to me for the weekend :)

IMG_0095 (Large).JPG
Gotta make that fit that, case of cutting the old connector off and using waterproof spade connectors. Worked pretty well actually :)

IMG_0096 (Large).JPG
Umm i found an old pod filter in the garage, looks naff but it keeps the crap out of the engine, i've got a GA16 airbox to fit at some point, that filter will be going soon!

IMG_0097 (Large).JPG
Woop sidelights back in and working :) I thought well i might as well carry on with a bit of front end reassembly. So the bumper and indicators went back!

IMG_0098 (Large).JPG
Ahhh the face i know and love starting to appear again. Won't be long now till it gets to escape the garage

IMG_0100 (Large).JPG

Also got the dash back together and got the handbrake light working again :)

DSC_0211 (Large).JPG
So on the Sunday i thought i'd have a mess around with a side project. I want better suspension for the rear but can't be bothered with coilovers. These are actually modified Rover 25 rear shocks, once i know they are ok, i'll be making a guide on how to fit them. So far they are practically a bolt on job.

DSC_0212 (Large).JPG
My standard rear shock and chopped spring haha. You can see why i need to sort something else out.

DSC_0213 (Large).JPG
The Rover shock and spring, apart from the spring being way to long they are really similar in design.

DSC_0215 (Large).JPG
Top of the rover spring in the bottom mount of the K10 shock, it proves the point that it'll sit perfectly in the chassis mount on the K10.

DSC_0216 (Large).JPG
I had to ummm shorten the spring, this should give my about 40mm lower than standard i think.

Well that's another update done, hopefully i should be able to get a bit of work done on Saturday, but i'm picking a CGA3DE up on Sunday for my ex K11C that now belongs to my younger brother. (The car was a little project i had last year so i wasn't Micraless haha I've got a pick in the photos bit of this post if you want to take a look) So i doubt i'll do too much Sunday to the K10.


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Time for the weekend update (sorry it's on Thursday haha)
Had a go a tucking more wiring away and got the chance to try out my rover suspension. Also found something that i wasn't very happy about and could be a bit of a setback :(

IMG_0107 (Large).JPG
So this is passenger side under the dash. Well at least the wiring is off the floor and the ECU now has a home, not sure if i'll be able to do much better than this as i don't have anywhere to put all this extra wiring haha.

IMG_0110 (Large).JPG
Drivers side next, will look better once the steering column plastics are back on, also most of the K11 loom is nicely tucked away by the K10's fuse box. The wiring coming down from it will be hidden under the carpet at some point :) Also sort of found a location for the K11's ignition barrel. Might leave it there but attach it more securely.

IMG_0111 (Large).JPG
Fitted my rover suspension and it fits really well. This is how it sits in the axle mounts, no modding was done to the axle and that's the original bolt for the K10 shock :)

IMG_0112 (Large).JPG
Also fits perfectly onto the body of the K10!

IMG_0113 (Large).JPG
Looking good! :) I will properly underseal the K10 at some point as i don't think it's ever been done properly in it's life
(apart from the stuff put on at factory)

IMG_0114 (Large).JPG
I thought things were going so well, but i noticed a really bubbly patch on my sill while messing around with the rear suspension. So i poked it and my finger went through... Bugger!! Other side ain't much better either :(

IMG_0115 (Large).JPG
I knew my rear sills weren't great but they must have got much worse in the year it's been parked up in my leaky garage. Well good thing i have a friend that is pretty good with welding and fabrication. I'm gonna have to have new rear sills made up! :(

Also on the Sunday i did go up to Birmingham to pick my new CGA3DE off my mate Sam @Sam_ROX and got a cheeky Micra pic while i was at it
DSC_0227 (Large).JPG

So that's the weekend update finished (on Thursday sorry!) Umm i might go up up for a tinker on the K10 this weekend, if i can find some time. I'm not to happy about my sills, after waiting so long i have another setback to sort. Its a good thing i love my K10 haha

Trying to make my deadline of getting it roadworthy by Japfest at the end of April, hopefully that's a reasonable amount of time!
Shame about the sills, though I guess that's rather inevitable sooner or later, given our climates and the cars' age. Really interested in the Rover 25 shocks and how the whole deal goes together.


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Shame about the sills, though I guess that's rather inevitable sooner or later, given our climates and the cars' age. Really interested in the Rover 25 shocks and how the whole deal goes together.

Yeah it sucks but i could be a lot worse i guess! And I'll be making a guide very soon about the rover shocks :)


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So i know it's been a month since i've done an update, but i've been busy sorting other important K10 related things :) First off my D2 front coilovers are off and currently being de rusted, and repainted/greased. Getting some softer springs for them as the standard 300LBS/IN springs are wayy to hard for my K10, can't make my mind up weather to go for 175ILS/IN or 200ILS/IN though.

Also the other big thing is a finally saved up the money to insure my K10! :D I went with Greenlight insurance and with all my mods declared it came to £500, so i'm pretty happy with that, gotta sort out some welding for the MOT but things are looking pretty good, you may well see me on the stand for Japshow this year :D (i got my fingers crossed haha)


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Small update from the weekend. (no pics sorry)

Spent a bit of time figuring out all the problems that are stopping me from driving the car down to my mates to get the welding done. Also tested to see if my fuel gauge and temp gauge were working (as they don't or looked like it). Fuel guage is fine, i've just got so little in the tank i think the needle is struggling to move and i'm missing a negative from my temp sensor, so i'll have to wire in a negative to the head to hopefully sort that problem.

So my list is as follows (hopefully i can tick most of this off this week :)

Rewire Ignition plug with spade connectors (as my connector is damaged and the wiring had fraid pretty badly)
Get smaller Jubilee clips for fuel pump fuel line
Tuck fuel pump wiring under carpet
Cover fuel lines
Secure fuel pump
Buy 175/200LBS/IN springs for coilovers
Attach throttle cable and make support for cable

Since we are now getting more and more daylight i will start doing more jobs after work to speed up the process :)
Well that's it for now. I'll try and get some more pictures as i go through this list!

K10 Adventures Trip To Weymouth (Large).jpg
Found this on my PC so i'll just add it for the sake of it. Taken back in June/July 2015 when i went down to Weymouth to pick my front end up :)


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Time for the weekend update! (on Tuesday but we'll gloss over that bit ;) )
So Sunday i got a few small jobs done to the K10, main one being redoing my ignition plug as it wasn't quite making contact, also tucked some more wiring away! (yeah i know, there is quite a bit!). Found out that the fuel pump will need relocating and messed around with my rear suspension as it was squeaking. Got loads of new parts turning up over the week so hopefully next weekends update will have some more interesting stuff in it.

IMG_0119 (Large).JPG
This was the state of the wiring going to my ignition plug, all the wiring going into the plug was fraying pretty bad and the white/black wire was about to snap!

IMG_0120 (Large).JPG
Also one of the pins had decided to push back into the plug and i couldn't get it back haha

IMG_0121 (Large).JPG
Replaced the plug with crimped spade connectors, not quite what i wanted but it's pretty neat and they are making a solid connection. no more flickering ignition! :) (fitted the steering column plastics too so it's looking a bit neater)

IMG_0124 (Large).JPG
I can see carpet again! ;)
Not quite sure why i'm going through the effort of tucking all the wiring away. I'm replacing the interior with a 1L Super in the near future, but i guess at least i'll know where everything needs to go.

IMG_0125 (Large).JPG
Both footwells no longer have wiring all over them too!

IMG_0129 (Large).JPG
(ignore the teatowel, was just to keep the fuel pump off the body of the car)
So my original idea for my fuel pump was to cut a notch out of the rear bench and keep the pump under the seats (with a case over it), but i soon found out that there is a massive support bar running though the middle of the bench seat! So time to relocate the fuel pump into the boot area, will have it tucked away in the corner and have a case over it with some sound deadening, an added bonus of having it in the boot is i can run a pre filter for the pump :) I've made sure to fit my clips on the fuel lines from last weeks list ;)

IMG_0130 (Large).JPG
Time for some more interior to go back in! Looking more and more like a car every weekend, hopefully won't be long now till i'm out on the road :D

IMG_0132 (Large).JPG
Bonus engine bay picture, yeah i know the bay is a mess. I will at some point try and tidy up all the wiring, but for now it's a work in progress so i can live with it haha.

DSC_0307 (Large).JPG

A few weeks ago i removed my D2 (K11) coilovers off the K10 to give them a much needed refurb and to change the springs. This is before the mini refurbish, not bad but not that great either.

17199985_10210656087373404_1717572774_o (Large).jpg
With (alot of) help from my mate, these were stripped down, decreased, cleaned, wire brushed and painted up! With the addition of my new springs they look amazing! Hopefully the ride quality will be much better with these softer springs. The original springs were 300LBS/IN and had 0 give in the much lighter K10. So after a little research opted to go for 200LBS/IN springs. Which are just a bit softer than the springs on a set of K11 BC coilovers (they have a pretty nice ride, softish but not crashy over bumps) Best thing about these D2's are they are damping adjustable! So if i ever need more stiff i should be able to add some haha

Another update over, hopefully this weekend i'll be able to fit my coilovers, move the fuel pump, look into sorting my throttle cable and possibly fitting (well test fitting) my K11 4-2-1 exhaust system!


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Had a bit of time to tinker with the K10 on Sunday.
Decided that it's probably going to be best if i relocate the fuel pump into the boot area of the car as keeping it under the back seats is not really possible. Had some new fuel pipe and a pre pump filter ordered up earlier in the week so set about roughly mocking up what it's all going to look like.

IMG_0135 (Large).JPG

So after removing all the crap in the boot, the seat belt buckles and the rear vinyl carpet thing, this is what i got. Fuel pump is located in roughly the right place and the from tank fuel pipe is roughly where i want it to sit, the "to engine" side needs tweaking but this is just a "will it work" kind of setup. luckily moving the pump away from the tank doesn't have seem to effected it's ability to move fuel around. Now all i'll need to do is cut the outlet pipe down to size get all the pipes covered up and secured and make a housing for the pump and include as much foam as possible to try and quiet it down a bit!.

Also on the list left to do is:
Fit braided brake lines on the front (as my old ones are looking a bit questionable)
Fit/adjust my front coilovers
Sort my throttle cable out
Fit GA16 airbox and make support bracket
Route fuel lines properly and cover them
Make housing for fuel pump
Mount new exhaust system
Buy in car fire extinguisher (just in case lol)

Well that's all i got for this weekend. Hopefully next weekend i'll have some more parts and i'll be able to crack on with a few more jobs!


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Weekend update time!! Actually on the weekend haha.
So had a go at tidying up my 4-2-1 system that i've had lying around for ages, bought some rust converter and some high temp paint and went at it. I know paint on exhausts usually don't last that long but it looks pretty for now ;)

IMG_0140 (Large).JPG
So this is my custom exhaust system from a K11. I bought it almost a year ago but not actually done anything with it. So i decided that i needed to fit it and see if it'll work on a K10, but then i thought i might as well paint it before it goes on the car haha.

IMG_0141 (Large).JPG
Manifold section :) Very much a back yard build but i like it alot! Someone has put considerable time and effort into this system. Also turns out that this was a Janspeed manifold that has been modified to include a flexi joint.

IMG_0143 (Large).JPG
Backbox, no shiny chrome tip for me :L

IMG_0145 (Large).JPG
Manifold section disassembled and ready to attack it with a wirebrush.

IMG_0146 (Large).JPG
20 mins later it's looking a bit better. Only getting the worst of it off as i'm trying out rust converter and the instructions say you only need the worst of it off and it'll do the rest!

IMG_0150 (Large).JPG
Backbox after the wirebrush treatment.

IMG_0151 (Large).JPG
Whole system now covered in rust converter, just gotta let it dry and then you can paint straight over it, from what i've read this is supposed to be really good stuff.

IMG_0152 (Large).JPG
Close up of the rust converter in action. Turns all the rust blue!

IMG_0153 (Large).JPG
Seeing as i had the back section of a K10 exaust system lying around in my garden i decided to see how well the K11 system matches up to it. turns out pretty dam well! Also for some reason the mid section of my system is stainless so no need to worry about painting that bit :)

IMG_0154 (Large).JPG
Only problem i can see (bar the hangars being in different places) is that the K11 backbox sticks out further! I'm hoping that this won't be a too much of a problem :(

IMG_0157 (Large).JPG
So i left my exhaust overnight and came back to it in the morning to see that the rust converter had done it's thing and well... converted the rust haha

IMG_0160 (Large).JPG
Manifold and decat pipe (??) all done and by some crazy chance caught a bumblebee in mid flight!

IMG_0163 (Large).JPG
Time to give it a coat of black high temp paint! Looks so much better now :)

IMG_0164 (Large).JPG

IMG_0165 (Large).JPG
All the parts are looking lovely :)

IMG_0166 (Large).JPG
Found the standard airbox from my first Micra in the shed so decided to bring it with me and put it on the K10 to replace that horrid pod filter haha
Noticed there was a date written on the bottom of it. From what i can tell it's the day that my K11 was manufactured. It's just a little older than me!

IMG_0167 (Large).JPG
Much better, noticed that the engine doesn't hesitate anymore when revving it.

IMG_0168 (Large).JPG
Time to remove my old system ready to test fit my new (to me) K11 system.

IMG_0169 (Large).JPG
Seem i was getting some blowing on the head, possible gasket problem maybe? I got new ones on order anyway.

IMG_0170 (Large).JPG
Manifold was blowing on the gasket side too. Perhaps that manifold is a little warped on flanges.

IMG_0171 (Large).JPG
Can clearly see where the manifold was blowing, strangely enough i didn't actually notice it, probably because the blow from where they all join was louder haha

IMG_0172 (Large).JPG
Last time the K10 will have the cherry bomb backbox on.

IMG_0174 (Large).JPG
After a little struggling one K10 system off! All of it has been bodged together so it'll be good to replace it all :)

IMG_0176 (Large).JPG
Put the bonnet back on to check if my CG10 airbox clears it. I think it just about does. Won't be too long before i'll be putting the bonnet back on properly!

IMG_0178 (Large).JPG
Played around with my fuel pump and fuel lines. This is roughly how i want it to all sit, just a case of covering it all up now.

IMG_0179 (Large).JPG
And finally one last shot of my manifold after i got back from working on the 10. Paint has dried and it's looking much nicer :)

So that's this weekend's antics done with, since i got a few days off work next week i'll have some more time to play with the K10! I will be test fitting my K11 system tomorrow and hopefully it'll work just fine, but i feel like a few cable ties will be involved haha


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    IMG_0161 (Large).JPG
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  • IMG_0177 (Large).JPG
    IMG_0177 (Large).JPG
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Today i spent all my time test fitting and then fitting my K11 exhaust system. It "fits" but it does need quite a bit of tweaking to make it for properly. Gonna have to mess around with some flanges and shorten the backbox pipe as well as change it's angle. Although considering it was never supposed to go onto a K10 it ain't that bad. Seem Nissan didn't bother changing the path that the exhaust follows that much between the generations.

IMG_0181 (Large).JPG
Front braided brake lines turned up today! Will be fitting them at some point before the MOT (as the front passenger side brake line isn't looking so great)

IMG_0182 (Large).JPG
Exhaust brought up in the mighty Volvo Estate. Got some fuel too, mainly to test to see if the fuel gauge was working or i may have been really low on fuel.

IMG_0183 (Large).JPG
Turns out i was just really low on fuel haha

IMG_0185 (Large).JPG
Decided to compare my new system to the old K10 system. To be fare they are really similar in design. The K11 one does look a bit longer but i found when it was on the car it didn't look anywhere near as much as that

IMG_0187 (Large).JPG
So test fitting of the manifold showed that the alternator cable was rubbing on one of the pipes, the rad fan cable was also rubbing.

IMG_0189 (Large).JPG
A bit of tweaking and a cable tie later, no more rubbing.

IMG_0190 (Large).JPG
Next problem was the splash guard getting in the way.

IMG_0191 (Large).JPG
Solved that with my Jnr Hacksaw!

IMG_0195 (Large).JPG
Next problem was the backbox would not bolt up to the rest of the system as it was fouling on this part. Took the decision to cut this part and fold it back. Later on i found out that i did'nt have to do that and was a bit annoyed that i was hacking up the 10 for nothing.

IMG_0196 (Large).JPG
Results of my hack, using nothing but a crappy hacksaw and a hammer, can't tell you how much i hated doing that, and like i said turned out i did'nt even need to! :(

IMG_0199 (Large).JPG
Hangars on the backbox were getting in the way.

IMG_0200 (Large).JPG
So they also got chopped off.

IMG_0201 (Large).JPG
Backbox finally fitted to the rest of the system. Not quite at the right angle though.

IMG_0202 (Large).JPG
And it has a silly amount of poke, both of those problems can be sorted when i get the car down to my mate for welding

IMG_0203 (Large).JPG
Goes over the axle ok but fowls a bit on one of the steady bars on the axle.

IMG_0204 (Large).JPG
Quite a few cable ties hold the system into place, not that happy about it but they'll do for now, like i said when the K10 goes down to my mates yard i'll get him to tweak it and put hangars on it :)
IMG_0205 (Large).JPG
For some strange reason the flange on the manifold downpipe flange is on an angle and thus throws the rest of the system on a downwards angle.

IMG_0206 (Large).JPG
The time has come to put it all together properly now. Mainly because i wanted to hear what it sounded like haha. My new manifold gaskets in a lovely gold colour on! :)

IMG_0207 (Large).JPG
Lambda sensor in. The ECU will be happy to see one again as it was missing from the old system.

IMG_0211 (Large).JPG
All put back into place and all the flanges were covered in exhaust paste, and phew no leaks! Also temp guage has decide it now wants to work again! Not that i'm complaining :)

Could'nt resist making a video of what it sounds like. I really love it, proper raspy ;)

Also noticed (as well as the higher idle) that the car is stuttering when i pull on the throttle, i'm thinking this could be a fueling issue perhaps or maybe timing is out? Any advice would be greatly appreciated :)

So that's Monday's update done with, tomorrow i think i'll stick my coilovers back on and start making a template up for my fuel pump cover.


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Update time!!! I've been leaving this for awhile as i've done quite a few things and all the pictures have become pretty muddled but i'll try my best.
So after thinking about my throttle stuttering problem i assumed it was more than likely my MAF sensor in the throttle body. I thought i'd give the old resolder the contacts a go on my TB so i took it off and brought it into work with me.

IMG_0215 (Large).JPG
The throttle body in question, from all that sealant i'm assuming someone had been in there before.

DSC_0433 (Large).JPG
So after a bit of time i managed to get the plate off and i re soldered all the contacts i could see. (i made sure to clean all the flux off!)

DSC_0434 (Large).JPG
Also removed the waxstat while i was at it as i've not got any coolant lines running through it so it'd be open all the time. Also pollyp suggests to get rid so i took his advice :)

DSC_0437 (Large).JPG
Cleaned up and sealed up ready to go.

IMG_0221 (Large).JPG

Also while i was in work i thought i'd make a few bits up. The piece of metal up top is to support my GA16 airbox, cut notches in my fuel tank inspection cover for the fuel pipes and made a box up for my fuel pump :)

IMG_0218 (Large).JPG
Cover tested and but needed a bit more taken off of it.

IMG_0219 (Large).JPG
Box fits over the pump nicely.

IMG_0220 (Large).JPG

and my bracket for the GA16 airbox :)


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    IMG_0216 (Large).JPG
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    DSC_0429 (Large).JPG
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So onto the next part (as i was running out of picture posts!)

After fitting the TB i was thinking on what to do about my throttle cable. I had two part of the outter cables (from K10 and K11) and no idea's of how to sort it. Then suddenly i thought, why don't i just buy some inner cable and some solderless nipples for the ends. So i did :)

IMG_0225 (Large).JPG
The new cable and soldeless nipples for the end.

IMG_0226 (Large).JPG
Being from the wonderful land of Ebay the holes in the ends where too small so i had to drill them out lol.

IMG_0228 (Large).JPG
One end on for the throttle pedal side.

IMG_0230 (Large).JPG
Had to use a washer because originally on the K10 cable there is a ball end so the washer was needed so it would pull the cable correctly.

IMG_0231 (Large).JPG
Cut down to length and attached to the throttle body! First time i've been able to push on the pedal and it actually work on something haha.

IMG_0234 (Large).JPG
Engine bay with re soldered TB GA16 airbox, new exhaust system and a working throttle cable! Yeah i know it's messy but for now i can deal with it.

Unfortunately the TB fix did not work and would no longer idle... Luckily one of my mates had (what looks to be) a reconditioned throttle body lying around. So i had to take everything off again and refit the replacement!!

IMG_0239 (Large).JPG
Old one on the left and new one on the right. Removed the waxstat mechanism too :)

IMG_0245 (Large).JPG
All refitted and it works absolutely brilliantly :D

At this point pretty much all i needed to do in the engine bay was done, so i decided that the bonnet could go back on :)
IMG_0238 (Large).JPG

IMG_0246 (Large).JPG
Also brought back my cover plate from work with a bit more cut out of it and some rubber protecting the fuel pipes from the potential sharp edes. Ohh and gave it a quick dusting of paint :)

IMG_0247 (Large).JPG
New foam around the edges and some foam tape on in the middle.

IMG_0248 (Large).JPG
Fits nicely :)

At this point the car was more than able to be driven so i could not resist driving it out of the garage and this time i had no leaks! :D
IMG_0265 (Large).JPG

IMG_0266 (Large).JPG

IMG_0270 (Large).JPG

IMG_0271 (Large).JPG

Not long now until it can make it's way down to my mates garage to get the welding done and the exhaust modified to fit properly :)


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Last and most importantly this post is all about the finishing preparations for it's very first drive, yep you read that right it's vert first venture out of the garage down to my mates for welding :D

So one of the last things i needed to do was to secure my fuel pump down and the fuel pipes.

IMG_0273 (Large).JPG
Could'nt resist getting a picture of my new K11. Was given to me by a neighbour as it failed on welding and they were going to scrap it!! Got the welding done and it's one of the nicest K11's i have ever driven. Low miles all the books two keys and the original unused spare wheel! :D I love it and i'm saving a nice bit of money on fuel :)

IMG_0274 (Large).JPG
So back to the K10 i was ready to fit my fuel pump box. Covered the opening in rubber to stop the fuel pipe chafing on it.

IMG_0275 (Large).JPG
Bought some sound deadning foam to line the box with as my fuel pump is really noisy for some reason (probably because it's an ebay special)

IMG_0276 (Large).JPG
Box lined! (ohh it's heat and fire resistant too just in case lol)

IMG_0279 (Large).JPG
Set in the place i want it.

IMG_0280 (Large).JPG
Put some foam down on the boot floor.

IMG_0281 (Large).JPG
Holes drilled for the pop rivets to hold it in place.

IMG_0282 (Large).JPG
Not a fan of drilling holes in my car i will be honest.

IMG_0283 (Large).JPG
Holes drilled.

IMG_0284 (Large).JPG
Box secured and the pump noise is much quieter now :)

IMG_0287 (Large).JPG
Secured my fuel lines down and put covers over them to stop the seat pushing down on them. (did'nt get a pic of that :( )
Put the boot lining back in and at some point will be making a hole for the cover to poke through.

IMG_0288 (Large).JPG
Seats and belts back in place and you'd never be able to notice any difference over standard and that's the way i wanted it :)

IMG_0289 (Large).JPG

Decided that the grille can go back on! That's a face i've not seen for quite some time :)

IMG_0290 (Large).JPG
Cut down my ignition barrel, at the time i thought that this was a brilliant idea, but later i found out that they key is getting jammed in the barrel and i can't take it out without shaking the heck out of it (whoops).

Onto the big day!!!

IMG_0291 (Large).JPG
Rolled the K10 out of the garage as i was up very early and didn't want to annoy too many people.

IMG_0292 (Large).JPG
Two Micra's together :)

IMG_0294 (Large).JPG
Running and ready to make the 14 mile trip down to my mates garage.

IMG_0297 (Large).JPG
So far so good! and look at that it's actually moving :D :D

IMG_0298 (Large).JPG
Down at my mates and not a single problem with the car.

Can't believe i actually drove my K10, was faultless. Nothing fell off and drives really well. So excited to get this car back on the road and then i can start tiding things up and putting some of the parts i've spent the last year collecting :D

Well that's all the updates i got so far, gonna be keeping an eye on my mate and making sure he's getting photo's of the welding progress for the blog. Fingers crossed it may even be ready for Japfest!

Even though it's now out of the garage things have only just started! Stay tuned peeps ;)


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Why is it so hard for me to get my updates in! Been trying for ages now, might actually make a start on it tonight.. Hmmm
Also @MaxK11C I really wish i had a cup holder!! haha


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Right finally it's about time I started on the updates, gonna take me awhile as i've got around two months worth of stuff haha. So we leave off with the K10 being left down with my mate for the week, and hopefully we are going to get all the jobs done to the Micra in time for it's MOT.

The main jobs were
Welding the Sill
Attaching the braided brake lines
Sorting the exhaust out so it does not fowl on anything.

DSC_0512 (Large).JPG
So we managed to fit the nice new braided brake lines after i found one of my old ones had quite a nasty cut in them! Luckily everything came off nicely and went back on nicely :)

DSC_0513 (Large).JPG
Other side done! Also between now and the MOT i borrowed a set of modified Corsa B coilovers from another mate of mine, so imagine I did the same thing but on a set of yellow coilovers haha.

DSC_0514 (Large).JPG
Exhaust modified(ish) to fit better onto a K10. Luckily K11's are very similar in design so not that much modification was needed. Also I am going to address my lack of underseal soon!

DSC_0516 (Large).JPG
Sill welded and in primer :)

I was kind of hoping I took more photo's of that weeks antics but unfortunately I did not. Ahh well.
Anyway, all this work was finished off on the Friday, Japfest was on Sunday so I had just one shot of an MOT before the show! (no pressure) Luckily my mate found a garage that had space to get an MOT done on the Saturday at around 10:30AM Which meant a nice early start for my weekend.

DSC_0520 (Large).JPG
Picked the Micra up early and took it down to Sainsbury's to give it a bit of a wash ready for the MOT (as it was looking pretty grotty) Then it was off down to the MOT centre.
Drove down fine and had no problems with it but was noticing my fuel setup was struggling a bit around corners and when the engine was hot.

So did it pass?? The Answer is yes!!! Which means for the first time in well over a year the K10 was a fully road worth vehicle :D
Which means I could drive the 122 miles to Siverstone for Japfest.

DSC_0524 (Large).JPG
Since I had a car show to go to and a car to bring I then set about spending the next few hours cleaning the Micra inside and out to make it look a little more presentable.

DSC_0526 (Large).JPG
Some nice soapy action shots ;)

DSC_0527 (Large).JPG
Extra one for good measure heheheh

DSC_0528 (Large).JPG
Wheels on and fuelled up ready for it's first proper outing, probably wasn't the best idea to decide to drive a car that had been parked up for a year 122 miles to Silverstone but I believed the car would do it.

DSC_0616 (Large).JPG
So here she is at Japfest 2017 :D All my hard work had lead up to this point. Was so happy to show it off on the MSC stand and be in one of the UK's biggest car shows. Did 240 miles and the Micra didn't miss a beat, developed a few problems but i'll go into them in the next post!!

Sorry about the delay haha


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So after my trip to Japfest, there were a few things that were annoying me. Firstly was my fuel pump setup, i've never liked the idea of running an external pump and TBH it wasn't working as well as i'd like it to and so that got me thinking what can i replace it with? K11 tank maybe? Nahh won't work/fit, what about a March Turbo/Superturbo tank. Hmmm won't find one of them... Wait a minute what about a Figaro! They are turbo and based on a K10 so they must use a tank with an internal fuel pump. Shouldn't be to hard to find one of them.

DSC_0537 (Large).JPG
Bingo! As if almost by fate, I had a quick look on Ebay and someone was selling a complete Nissan Figaro tank. :D
Exactly what i was looking for :)

DSC_0550 (Large).JPG
All loaded up in the Micra ready to fit into the other Micra haha

IMG_0325 (Large).JPG

My nice new shiny Figaro tank, interesting to note that this one had no underseal on it unlike my K10 tank. Also it is a very slightly different shape on the top and was worried it might not fit.

IMG_0316 (Large).JPG
The all important fuel pump assembly! Was going to take it out to have look but decided to leave it all alone.

IMG_0317 (Large).JPG
The plug for the Figgy tank, had to remove this as it was different on the K10 plus i had a K11 loom to attach to it.

IMG_0321 (Large).JPG

Remove all the pipes from the tank

IMG_0318 (Large).JPG

And undo the 4 bolts holding the tank on (luckily they decided to play nice and come out :) )

IMG_0322 (Large).JPG
I could then drop the tank only to find I had pipes on top to un-attach!

IMG_0323 (Large).JPG
Had no idea about this pipe!

IMG_0324 (Large).JPG
One K10 fuel tank removed!

IMG_0327 (Large).JPG

Weird seeing the car without a tank and ever stranger to see the only part of the car without underseal!

IMG_0328 (Large).JPG
Interesting to note with the K10 and Figgy tank the outlet pipes were 6MM on the K10's tank

IMG_0329 (Large).JPG
And 8MM on the Figaro tank, the cars original fuel lines fitted onto it just fine though :)

IMG_0332 (Large).JPG
The two fuel tanks, ready to see if the Figaro tank would actually fit.

DSC_0561 (Large).JPG

The midway point!

IMG_0334 (Large).JPG

With a bit of struggling it did fit! Was extremely annoying trying to get the lines on top of the tank back on!

IMG_0335 (Large).JPG

All the fuel lines hopefully connected to the right places on the Figaro tank! There is a little more of a gap between the car and the tank on the passenger side, i may make up some kind of shield to keep water and dirt from getting between car and tank.

DSC_0577 (Large).JPG

Power connected up and I connected the fuel gauge up (or at least I connected the fuel gauge wires to the same colour wires on the Figaro tank.)

IMG_0333 (Large).JPG
Also found out my rear shoes are desperately in need of changing!

So after all this hard work, will it work?

Yes! :D

Only problem is my fuel gauge is not working, but other than that the Figaro tank is working brilliantly and the engine seems to run nicer, so much better than the external pump setup and also alot safer :)

More updates coming soon!


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