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Bens K10. The Second Micra

Couldn't deal with trying to sort out fuel injection and looms. I'm not much of an electrician and that's one of the many reasons i love my K10 because if it breaks i can mend it with a spanner :)
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Cool, I'd get onto bigger Bros for the manifold

Quality work, just make sure you get the coupling rubbers to send them with the carbs you buy.

My mani was £180, a fair price for the work

Sytec fuel reg, ma10 dizzy modded to fit, done

Good fun

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Could i get away with using a CBR600 fuel pump? It'd be the right flow for the carbs and it's an external one too, ohh and i can get one for around £13.
Finally! Tracked myself down a CG13 with 65k for £100 :D Slight problem is thats it's a 174 trip one way. It's gonna be a long day for me tomorrow :L
Well i'm glad i'm not the only one who will do trips like that for stuff i want. Everyone else thinks I'm a bit crazy for doing it :L
@pork The owner of that one might be interested in selling it soon. You'll need to be handy with the welding though as it's gone all round the windscreen :(


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I've got this k11 now :(

Gotta have a go in the future thi

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Lets see, so over the past few days i've been prepping and spaying the rest of my k10 in Graffiti paint Blue. It's been too long since i had my car all the same colour and looks good, and i'll be converting my boot to japspec tomorrow :)

DSCF2934 (Large).JPG
Bits taped up in prep for sanding.

DSCF2936 (Large).JPG
In progress (did'nt take a picture of all the bits i done, but you get the idea haha)

DSCF2939 (Large).JPG
In my brothers garage all sanded down and cleaned. Windows out ready for masking up.
DSCF2940 (Large).JPG
Few more of my lovely sanding skilz (i'm not good at this at all)

DSCF2941 (Large).JPG
My first ever attempt of masking a car up for paint. took awhile. Ignore boot i left that gold for now.

DSCF2942 (Large).JPG

Another one. Don't look too bad i guess.

DSCF2948 (Large).JPG

First pic of the newly blue Micra.

DSCF2949 (Large).JPG
I know i left the boot gold, but that's for a reason. A). i couldn't get the stickers off. and B). I want to move the light in for that maaad JDM spec. lol

DSCF2950 (Large).JPG
More Blue!!

DSCF2954 (Large).JPG

Out in the open.

Unfortunately i don't have any pics of reassembly but it looks good without all the masking paper. Doing the boot tomorrow and shall upload my progress. Things are getting good now :D
Almost ready for JAE now!!!!
So today i decided to sort the boot out and with a lot of help by @Mat_North we got it done. Can't thank him enough really, let me use his driveway tools ect... Cheers m8. Anyway on with the pics :)

DSCF2957 (Large).JPG
So this was how it was before we started. brown, UK spec with silly bodged rear wiper
(some of you K10 fans will have noticed it's on the wrong way)

DSCF2961 (Large).JPG
Lights and number plate off. Yuck what a mess, thats 20 odd years of grime there...

DSCF2958 (Large).JPG
As much as i didn't want to the Micra badge had to go, which is a shame as i liked it. Would never have worked with brown underneath with the rest blue lol.

DSCF2963 (Large).JPG
Stickers gone, grime gone, Jap plate measured up and holes in the boot drilled out to fit actual bolts instead of self tappers. Luckily for us the original holes were square and even which gave us a good starting point to base our measurements off.

DSCF2965 (Large).JPG
Boot is now sanded down ready for paint and all the measurements had been done for the right light holes. Took ages to get it in the right spot but better to remeasure then to have wonky lights.

DSCF2968 (Large).JPG
This was the fantastic tool found by Mat's Dad to punch out the big hole in the middle for the bulb, worked really well and left a nice hole. better than chain drilling and filing!

DSCF2967 (Large).JPG

Holes now drilled and punched both sides. Not looking too bad, almost factory hahah ;)
(and yes the big holes are off centre on purpose as that is how the factory ones are drilled for some strange reason. Works though)

DSCF2975 (Large).JPG
Mat is alot better at masking up than me, he got the clear plastic perfect :L

DSCF2971 (Large).JPG
Micra all masked up ready for a nice blue boot. About time too haha.
DSCF2977 (Large).JPG
And here is the finished result. Looks awesome and no squiffy lights or number plate. I still have to fill in the old holes, but for now duct tape sprayed blue will suffice.

DSCF2980 (Large).JPG
Pretty impressed with the numberplate lights, not a spec of paint on the clear plastic :)
Won't have too much to update on for awhile now. might have a few small updates soon, but i gotta work on my CG swap and getting some new wheels.
Just a quick update on the engine swap. So far i have bought an Exedy 160mm clutch kit for £44 and tracked down a CG10 pre-face flywheel for £35 :) Fingers crossed the flywheel is ok.

I would love to try and get this done before JAE but with so many uncertainties i am too worried i won't get it finished and will be stuck without my car for it, and i certainly don't want that.

I've still got a fuel pump to buy, gonna try a CBR600 pump and see how that goes, intake manifold to chop and mod, rover exhaust manifold to mod and try and get it to join up to the K10 system lol (until i get something better sorted)

Gonna be good :)
Grrr. I'm having so much trouble trying to track a set of 13" minilite style wheels down. Or even i nice set of 13's..... Might just have to paint the steelies black and leave it at that for JAE :(


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I've got a gold top facet pump for sale and a sytec fuel reg too

The red pump at the back , great condition

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Ooo cant remember, not much, it's meant to replace a mechanical pump
Plus the fuel reg keeps the pressure down

£40 for pump
£15 for reg

Posted :)

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Started modding the standard CG inlet manifold today (after work hours lol). Had a mate in work help me chop and mill it down. Still needs a bit of work but i should be able to use it :)
Also pre facelift CG10 clutch turned up today, deffo smaller than my CG13 one. Needs a good clean though. 58k miles of old person clutch slip by the looks of things lol
I bought an aftermarket tachometer the other day (from ebay) wired it up but it doesn't read properly. Idle is normal but anything over that and it doesn't want to know, because when i rev'd it up close to valve bounce it was only reading 4.5k and that was doing 60 in second lol.
Any idea's, i got the signal wire on the negative side of the coil and the switch at the back in the right positsion... hmmm
What are you doing to block the injector ports?
ahh well.... umm i'm still thinking about that one lol
One of my idea's is to tap the holes and screw a bolt into them and then use a pencil/die grinder to get it flush on the inside.

I think that should work. it ain't gonna be perfect but it'll do the job. I just want to try my best to use the stock intake as it means i don't have to make one up from scratch.


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Tap them and screw in some airline push in connectors , and use them for your vacuum take offs you need for brakes and dizzy

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Tap them and screw in some airline push in connectors , and use them for your vacuum take offs you need for brakes and dizzy

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Good thing is we have alot of them push fit airline connectors in work and lots of piping too ;)
Yep i got it yesterday Neil :) Thanks man! It's maaad! Solved a lot of problems involving fuel haha :D
My Mum wasn't too happy about a box that smelled like petrol though hahhaa.


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I didn't, probably should of, but the car is still about somewhere with them still attached lol

I did try and take all the juice out of the pump,

Hope it all helps

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I was wondering how it should be wired up and don't worry about it smelling like petrol, not too much you can do about that considering it spends it's whole life pumping the stuff around :)
It did'nt even smell that much, it's just my Mum is very anti-car mods. She absolutly hates me spending money on my Micra :(
Not been up to too much recently, will carry on with engine conversion stuff after JAE is outta the way. Today i thought it was time to clean my interior out properly in time for JAE and it was bugging me it was filthy. Even cleaned all the plastics and vinyl with warm soapy water. it was black when i finished. Yuk!

DSCF2990 (Large).JPG
Stripped all the seats out to get at everything better.

DSCF2994 (Large).JPG

Drivers side done, looks 10x better than already!

DSCF2995 (Large).JPG

Swapped over rear panel things to grey ones. Much better that brown and they now match the door cards :)

DSCF2997 (Large).JPG

Also cleaned the boot area with the hoover and soapy water, looking much better apart from the bits of rust.....

DSCF2998 (Large).JPG
Nice clean dash and carpets, red wire was for my failed tacho attempt, just would not read properly, might invest in a more expensive one next time.

DSCF3004 (Large).JPG
All the dust and other crap i got out of my car, and yes i did empty it before i started.

Well thats about all i got for now, gonna get my new cherry bomb backbox on tomorrow and finish painting little bits of my car that i've missed and give it a good wash on the outside ready for JAE. If you go make sure you give me a shout i don't bite and like talking about Micra's ;)
Just thought i'd have a little update. Had an awesome time at JAE saw some awesome cars and made some really good friends and i got lots of pics of my little k10 haha


Also i decided to go though with my idea and buy a daily for work and stuff. Can retire the little k10 for strenuous commuting duties and focus on making it even more maaaad. Also when i swap my engine MPG is going to be abysmal so that was another reason.

So i present my 2nd car. My 1998 Volvo V40 Estate 1.6L, bought for £380 :)
Ohh and i almost forgot i ordered my new clutch kit today so that should be here sometime this week. Should be making a start on my swap very soon!!! :)