Begginer, Help Please


I basically want to install my system by myself.
Now, I have the subs, sub box, amp and the appropriate wiring kit.
I just really need someone to help me with step by step procedures to fit it up

Any kind of help would be muchly appreciated!
Want it done by Saturday basically as I want to suprise all my mates with it.
My friend who was going to help me has now gone away so I'm stuffed!

Thanks in advance.


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have you spoken to Shr3k??

if not i was going to do a guide but havent yet....umm.....

if you setup the sub in its box and place the amp somewhere.....once this is all positioned....then its just the wiring left :laugh: which we can then help with!! (hopefully)

i can add you to msn if you like mate?

His address is in his profile. I don't think non members can see profiles, but if you sign out, you can view it as a guest and all becomes visible (strange eh)

Anyway, all your equipement should have come with wiring diagrams which are usually very informative and useful in setting up your stuff, it's actually pretty straight forward :)

where is darby

Google maps my friend


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My autoleads wiring kit didn't come with instructions at all, just a simple lined diagram of how it looks in the car.

The Kenwood amp instructions were a lot clearer though.

Wiring kits don't usually come with them, only a brief summary telling you what wire does what, not where it goes.


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just drew this to help you how to wire an amp. the rest is easy