BC Racing Coilovers Help (VA V1 Series)

Hi all,

So I picked up a set of the BC racing coilovers in new condition off eBay a while ago, for a very good price (I think I paid £250).

The seller told me it was just missing the manual and coilover wrench which I thought was fair enough, and not an issue. I've got adjustable drop links and coilover wrenches on order.

My question is: should I have spring perches/seats for the rear springs in this set?

I don't, and I can't see how I'd set the preload on the rear without them. BC Racing Support said it might just use the existing perches, like on the Corsa B, but I wanted to check if any of you would be able to help any more.

Thanks in advance
Just an update - if anybody in future is searching and this helps somewhat.

I've got "rear spring perches with locking rings" on order from BC Racing for ~£100 in total.

Got adjustable drop links and coilover wrenches off eBay, so I'll soon have everything I need.

Might start a blog if I start doing enough to the car.