Banded steels

Hey everyone I was going to buy some baby g60 banded steels that are 8j front and 8.5j rear. Does anyone know if they would fit ?


Brutal Honesty
@dayo76 A very rough calc tells me that these will poke out about 100mm further than a stock steelie - assuming stock steelie is 5J et45

Even with stupid stretch you'll need wicked lows and bolts on arches to pull it off.

For reference I used to run 7.5J and 8.5J with a similar offset. I needed to camber the fronts quite a bit to fit under the wing. The rear needed fibre glass bolt ons. I tried rolling the rear arches like a bell end but it ended up just folding in the rear quarters!
165/55/13 tyres stretched. The fronts went on easy. The rears took a day with a bead blaster and required heating the tyres up....:rolleyes::rolleyes:

Trial fit