Bag of Spanners

hi peeps more dramas to hopefully solve with a little help.
I've got problems trying to get my lads motor " on song " as no matter what it just runs absolutely sh##.
It's a rebuilt 1300 with 1 litre pistons , lightened f/w , and race cams ( frank is familiar with the cams ). No matter how much dizzy adjustment it runs awfully and just sounds cack. I've tried base timing it but just to get it to keep running we have to use the throttle cable. Any pointers appreciated.
Tried to take video today but didn't have enough hands to press starter , work throttle, move dizzy etc etc. Just changed ecu and wiring to eliminate any problem with them but then battery died lol. Will try again tomorrow and hopefully have a little more joy.
Just out of interest I've got some super 4 plugs in her and hear a lot of bad stories about them. Worth removing ???
Still haven't found time for another play but the weekend is here so playtime tomorrow ay. Thanks as always ;)
A little update. Was running the injectors but changed them back to standard, changed the plugs, leads and dizzy seems a lot better general opinion was that it seemed to be running on two at tick over then all four when revving. Another play tomoz hopefully she will be singing a fine ole tune ay. Cheers for all advice as usual ;)