back side windows I've got a problem with rear side windows on my micra K10....problem is....when I'm playing music loud...side windows are vibrating very hard....and they try to pop out :p and that's creating awfull I can not listen to music...I have tight all bolts that are holding the windows...I dont want to glue the windows...or something like if there is a way that I can make the window is very tight, very hard pressed with the they dont pop out and vibrating all the time... is there a way where I can fix this on window opening system? :(

tnx for help (Y)

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Get a bucket of Hot water and give the window seals a scrub down. The Hot water makes them more flexible and should cure the rattle. :)

...maybe the speakers need insulating a little?

...maybe turn the volume down? :laugh:
hm....i dont think it is just the rubber off windows is problem....maybe I need tightened of the lockin system of windows? I 'm feeling that they can hold windows "harder"...they are very easy to open....if U understand what I'm trying to say.... BTW turning volume down? no no :) .....and I dont understand what "insulating" means? BTW I have bought some product for rubbers....and after I have use it....rubbers are became softer...and car leaks less water (Y) but the rattle is still is too much presure in the car so windows are trying to open :(

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Mmm, how about something like this :)

:p ...i will take down the windows and see what I can do.....BTW thank U so much for helping (Y) this thread...and the another about roof carpet....U were very helpful :grinning: ....tnx


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i think i sorted this problem on my old LS.


I inserted a small piece of metal approximately 1.5mm thick between the car body and the window mechanism on the inside (between the two screws like pictured) this then pulled the windows tighter into the car :D hope this helps (Y)


i have tried that what imp124 was sugesting....and while I have put screws back and tightened them....locking system has broke in two pieces.....right between screws hole :( ...I have glued it back and it is holding it for now ( Croatia there is not much of this spare parts is hard to find :( ...very hard to find...)....if someone has any advice on this window problem..I will apreciate it :) tnx
ok,......i had it now :p ...after raining back rear window leeked a nice amount of water on my back seat and on the floor bihind front i have decided to make that windows sealed....dont use them anyway....and they just make me problems :( so I want them like on this panda.... (image is informative character :) just to see the idea.. )


so anyone have an idea from what car it is possible to fit? is there micra model with sealed back side window? any info is welcomed...tnx guys :)
so the piece of metal didnt work then?
most micra's have sealed back windows, its just a case of finding one in a breakers yard:)
no...metal piece didnt a micra in my country is very hard...especially k 10...and especially with sealed backside windowa...i never seen k10 with windows like that...that says much :grinning:
i can insulate woofers as much as i want...but car is falling apart anyway :) BTW car is already damped......the problem now is how to make rear side windows fixed to cars body... (hope I wrote that right... )