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baby blue sr 160

I've been out of car modding for some years now. I was previously big into Renault Sport owning a 172 Cup and a LE Megane Trophy. My first ever modded car was a 1.4 turbo mini cooper conversion (like old mini not the BMW crud).






As I said in my introduction after owning a Juke for the last few years on lease we renewed and I let the wife have the polo and thus inherited a SR160


Its in pretty good nick, my wife has owned it for 6 years now and its flown every MOT with a combined cost of under £150.

So it does have a few issues currently as she hasn't bothered to inform me of the service needs and I hardly used to drive it. Some cosmetic, some function and some mechanical.

So I started off with the steering wheel - I take it like on Clio's the leather melting is common and I didn't fancy changing the whole wheel this time so I just got a new leather cover and sewed it on. Its not the halfords crap this is an actual leather cover which mimics the original. Was a pain to fit as I'm no seamstress


Next was a CD unit change. I really like the Connect unit in the Juke so I went for a double din touch screen with sat nav, bluetooth, dvd and some other stuff. I fitted a new stereo in my Berlingo Van last week in 10 mins. Not the case here is it. Top of dash out, column off to run gps module, full vent block out. Gonna see what I can get back from the 6 disc changer Im just not a CD fan. I'm looking for any info on wiring up the steering wheel controls if there are any.


My next couple of jobs are new front brakes (pads and discs) and to refurbish the wheels. They look awesome not. Gonna do them black as I intend to get a black roof done in vinyl and some track mirrors fitted. After that will look at dropping it a bit and maybe a bit of cosmetic work.
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