aux with car radio


I have a 2005 k12 ubris with a cd player radio with white buttons.

I am looking for a solution to allow me to connect my ipod. I have previously tried an fm transmitter but the sound quality is poor and as I travel to work I cannot find a frequency which is available for the entire journey.

I found an aux cable which fits Blaupunkt stereos ( but although this does fit in the radio when I turn the radio on it is not reconised. I realise it said factory fitter radios were not compatible but for £8 i thought it was worth a try.

Is there any quick and cheap solution to fitting an aux to the stereo?

I have also had a look at new stereos but not sure of the support with the stalk controls. Halfords appear to supply the cable for the stalk controls to work but when I've gone to dedicated car audio centres they say a cable is not available for this.

Has anyone found a solution for this problem?




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If you're using an mp3 player is the remote control that important?

Can you get a standard CD player with aux in? I think that may have been an option
thanks for your quick response.

I am very disappointed that the aux cable i purchased doesn't work in the 6cd changer slot.

I have considered removing the function on the stalk controls but it seems like it is an extra £40 and while i was replacing the stereo i might aswell spend the bit extra to get those working.

I have been reading around the forums and it seems that halfords use autoleads and someone else has fitted them. Another worry I have is there is an info button on the stalk controls for the on board computer, does this run through the stalk controls?

A third solution is to use a dension kit which to my knowledge plugs into the arial and overrides the radio signal. I went out yesterday to see what they were like but it seems halfords have recalled all of them and after speaking to the staff it appears they have had problems with it.


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I think your best bet is to get a factory system with aux in, then all your steering wheel controls etc will plug in
it would be worth you going into your local nissan dealership, i enquired about a similar thing for my 2006 nissan note and they offered me the option of an aux in cable, but this was no good to me as i required USB (i ended up getting a 7" chinese dvd/tv/gps unit and i managed to get the steering controls working with this too, along with the trip computer button)