Automatic Transmission fluid for Nissan March 2005

Discussion in 'K12 Tuning Mechanical Servicing and Modifications' started by Juan Tara, May 7, 2011.

  1. Juan Tara

    Juan Tara Member

    Anybody knows what ATF uses the Nissan March 2005, I am asking because I don´t have the owner manual and other owners said that must be the original fluid made by nissan, any other fluid could be malfunction of the transmission.
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  3. Nixdorf

    Nixdorf New Member

    My manual said:
    "Genuine Nissan ATF or equivalent*. *4: Contact a Nissan dealership for more information regarding suitable fluids, including recommended brand(s) of DexronTM III/Mer
    conTM Automatic Transmission Fluid."

    so I assume DexronIII would be sufficient.
  4. Juan Tara

    Juan Tara Member

    Many thanks I´m sure that Genuine Nissan is not in my country cause Nissan-Chile didn´t import this model, so Dexron TM III/Mercon TM ATF is equivalent.
  5. Charlie27

    Charlie27 Active Member

    i am currently using Motul ATF Dexron III in my micra. the better option to this oil is the Motul Multi ATF.

    by the way i have changed my gearbox oil when the car mileage was around 45/50k, when do you think i should change it next?


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