Automatic transmission fill hole - K13 ST-L

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My Australian version of the Micra, ST-L 1.5L 4 cyl is equipped with an Automatic transmission, but I can't seem to find the fill hole for it. I've tried the service manual but with no luck, because the manual only cover Manual trans. I'm sure though, that Nissan has eliminated the dipstick for this transmission, which sucks.

The car has gone through 80,000km so I want to change the transmission fluid :( Anybody know where it might be?
Did you find it? I think if you look on the sump you will find two drain plugs. A 19mm nut is one and a 5mm allan key bolt is the other. If you take out the 5mm allan bolt you will get some fluid run out. This is the fill hole. While its running and at 40'c it should slowly drip out. This is to the level it needs to be. There is a special adapter that you screw into this and use a large 1litre srynge to fill it.
The Australian models come with a 4 Speed Auto transmission which is tricky to find a proper manual for it.
Can you determine which other Nissan vehicles use that same specific transmission. In my case that have a CVT, this one is also fitted on the Juke models and I was able to find the full manual for it at the following link:
I've selected 2012 for mine as I have one of the earliest Micras released.
Have a look there maybe it will pop a hint, usually the drain is under and the filler is on the side. You need to unscrew on the side and as per the Nissan official workshop manual you need to "plug a finger" in order to feel the oil level and quality.... really strange but we have to work with what they offer lol.

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There is usually a dipstick on top of the gearbox, this could turn out to be a fake dipstick plug and it often has a clip on it to make it hard for you to get it off. If you can get this mini dipstick out then you can fill the gearbox with CVT fluid using a tube (draper make a good funnel and tube) obviously you'd have to drain the gearbox first and then add about a litre of new CVT Fluid, make sure it is NS2 or a proper Nissan CVT Fluid, it is usually yellow. This method has always worked for me.