automatic slight problem getting into gear

my father says its been like this for hyears now and has been serviced ! the engineeers say its normal thing with low millage older cars ? The car has only done 26k and the problem been like that for years. I just wonder its because of lack of use. I had the same problem with my ford mondeo mk2 auto if yu pressed the clutch button it would not always go into gear. Then i found that if i moved the gear stick a little before pulling the button in it solved the problem (note i not picked the car up or driven it) This problem usually happen only when the car was cold !(note with that model it was possible to change gears ( 2 nd upwards only )with accelerating as long as you lifted up the pedal )
I wonder if any other K11 auto owner has had similar problems with any automatic car. (Note that the CVT box is used similar to the ford fiesta older models).
According to my father ( retired ford dunton head engineer) says the CVT gearboxes on fords ie fiesta models was not the perfect way of haveing a automatic gearbox.but they could not attach any other gearbox on such a small car. Mondeo models mk3 onwards had a much better box, I had a polo on a 53 plate had a lovely box but just lacked any power to over take (even with the bigger engine). strange there was a lot of gears on that car, no idea why as the first two auto gears was almost useless and only 3rd was ok for hills. But they did advice yu not to change gear while in motion (mmm ) and adviced the driver to wait until they stopped then change to drive (ie top)