Auto gearbox questions

Hi I’m new to this forum

My wife has just picked up a Figaro

At the moment it’s running great and seems well looked after

I’m thinking long term about maybe a CG13 conversion

The MA10ET seems overly complicated and the 3 speed auto box is incredibly short geared

I am thinking a CG13 is similar power and likely to be more economical and obviously a simpler motor to maintain with no turbo

This forum has already been a great help as I’ve read some posts by 16v fig who’s done a similar swap a few years ago, but with a manual conversion

My wife can only drive an auto, so it would need to stay as an auto. I believe the k11 has a 4 speed auto and there is also a CVT auto?

what’s people’s experiences with these? How is the gearing?

Wasn’t sure which forum to post this in, so feel free to move



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the k11,s are all cvt gaz, powder clutch till 2000
best to stick with the ma10 and bigger wheels really, or an ma12 with lowered boost maybe ?
Ah that’s disappointing about the CVT 🙈

are there many MA12s about? Is there another 3 speed auto with a longer final drive perhaps?

was thinking larger wheels. The figaro is on 12s but I’m not sure how the car will look on something else. Pretty much all figaros seem to be unmodified apart from an occasional custom paint job (ours is yellow)

to drop it to something more sensible, say 3500 at 70, the wheels would need to go up to 15 inches with similar profile tyres.