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Audi B5 S4 500bhp+ Project

Hi All,

Not been on here in a while, probably because I sold the Super S at the beginning of the year. It didn't go to a forum member, but did find a great home with a chap that's already got one turbo track K11. I might not have a Micra any more, but it's still really nice to come on here and see that people are still making progress with their own.

I sold the RX8 around the same time as well, as I wanted something with more power and space. Despite their reputation for being unreliable money-pits, I decided that an Audi B5 S4 (2.7 Bi Turbo) was the right car for me. I found a tidy Avant model with a tonne of expensive mods already done (bigger K04 turbo's etc) and made the plunge.

Here's my build thread if anyone wants to take a look:


I'm aiming for upwards of 500bhp and 720nm this year (its booked in for bigger injectors and a mapping session next month) so fingers crossed. It's got two track days (Combe and Donington) coming up. If I write it off I've promised myself that I'll shoehorn the engine into the back of a K11!

A couple of pics of the car as it is now (some were taken before I chopped up the front bumper for the fmic)