ATTN: all Peugeot owners


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after i crashed my pug 309 GTI i forgot to unsubscribe from the gti owners club...

anyway.... i had an e-mail last night..... so if any of you wanna go to these events... your welcome to impersonate


PGAC Update

1- Trax Stand. Free gift & track time
2 – Memberships
3 - PPC Mag Special Offer To PGAC Members
4 – Eurofest
5 – Wales Motorshow 26th August 06 (One week left to book
6 - Server

1 - Trax

All tickets have sold out. We are on track to be the largest exhibitor
at the event for the third year but in any case we are the largest
French Club by a country mile.

PASSES - Fear not if you want to display with the club, head over to
our shop and look under events and you will see you can obtain a PGAC
stand parking pass.

GIFT – ALL PGAC members who booked tickets and requested a parking pass
will get a £20 gift pack and its not el-cheepo rubbish or stickers,
it’s a real gift.

TRACK - We still have track time left at – under events. Drive the F1 circuit for only £27 on a dedicated club

2 - Memberships

If you are renewing this month hurry as Alistair is heading to Sunnier
lands and that means memberships will be closed for over two weeks.

Non-members don't forget PGAC is the most sucessful and generous club

3 - PPC Mag Special Offer To PGAC Members

We have teamed up with PCC Magazine and they have knocked £4 off annual
subscription and you also get a cool T-shirt and PCC sticker. It's
usually £42.00 so a good 10% off.

Discounted rate of £38.00 including a PPC T-shirt and sticker

All you have to do is quote PGAC and your membership number. Any
problems let me know as I am dealing with the Ad manager direct.

The mag is about cars, road and race and not about body kits and shiny

They have top tech Dave Walker writing for them and they kind of picked
up when the great CCC mag was discontinued.

4 - Eurofest

At Castle Combe planning is well under way so head over to the PGAC
events forum for more info and track time.

5 - Wales Motorshow 26th August 06 (One week left to book)

PGAC will have a stand at this show,


Tickets need to be purchased at the end of the month prices are below.

Car Club Vehicle Pass FREE
Discounted Driver Pass £6
Meguiars Show & Shine £9 (£10 otd)
Adult Passengers (16+) £12 (£14 otd)
Junior Passengers (10-15) £8 (£10 otd)
Under 9 FREE

Cheques made payable to Barry Coombs and sent to
31 Weavers Close

6 - Server

The clubs dedicated server has thrown a few wobblers again recently so
it was rebooted tonight which has helped out considerably.

PGAC Committee

To unsubscribe reply quoting your Phat_ed, [email protected]

let me know if you do tho. ok?o_O