Anyone changed a K11 engine bay fuse box? - 15a LH Headlight fuse welded in!

Evening folks & an early happy new year to you all .... been a while. Hopefully better than this year.

Booked in for MOT tomorrow and LHS bulb not working. Easy thinks I.

Main & driving LHS front was not working. Thought a bulb. Bulb fine. Then thought fuse. Fuse NOT fine .... the blue 15a in the small rectangle box by battery was burnt in half and has took both electrical contacts out as well. What a mess.

So I have to replace this and I'm wandering how bad of a job it is. I can see one on ebay for sensible money but if I look correctly it means not just replacement but cable cut and re-connect or re-crimp. Would that be right? And how bad of a job is that? Anyone have a guide or some pics of it done?

Ideal would be to just buy and replace loom sections but is a bit new territory for me this one. Appreciate any direction or information as always.

The one on ebay looks to have been cut on one end. I don't know if it has to be or just to make listing and selling it easier.

Here are the pics of mine and a pic of the ebay one .....

micra fb1.jpg

micra fb2.jpg

micra fb3.jpg

micra fb5.jpg

micra fb4.jpg
I clean my partly melted holder , greased it /fuse been fine since
Did the same on the others,
Dont get warmed now

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Hi Nissan Boy, been a while .... yeah I gave the 15 a socket a quick clean with wire brush etc but it really is dust .... the metal tabs and plastic have all gone and even the cover is melted.

Tried a rough fit but not working just now. Will give it a crack again tomorrow.

I've ordered a replacement box but not greatly keen on splicing it in. I do have the gear to do it but was hoping find a loom section and replace.

Plenty for 98/99 models but next to nothing for 94/95 years. Makes you realise how relatively rare these are now.

And double bubble, the reverse light switch assembly has also gone. None in the UK, two in the UAE and a few in Japan. One of them on way as well. Really hard to find now. Luckily rarely go.