Any well known problems? K12 Micra

Hi everyone, I've just become a Nissan owner with my first Japanese car. I bought a 2008 K12 Micra. Its evident from the start that all is not well with its suspension. There is a constant rattling/knocking noise when in motion. I suspect the shocks ( although they pass the bounce test). If its not these then I will get lost in the multiplicity of bushes, links and ball joints so, before I start checking and replacing I wanted to ask if there are any well known issues that could guide me? I ask because although this is a 2008 car, its only covered some 43000 miles and barring PO misuse (which I can't exclude) that does seem early for this sort of suspension problem.
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The infamous tailgate rattle that gets all new K12 owners tearing the car apart looking for the cause of the noise? Try wrapping a few turns of pvc insulation tape around the latch part, on the body, that the tailgate lock hook goes over when you close the tailgate......Doesn't last forever, I have to replace it every few weeks but the rattle over bumps miraculously vanishes.:cool:
Thanks John_D, I'd never have thought of that! I do have a rattle from the back which this could well address but most of the noise is from the front.


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Thanks John_D, I'd never have thought of that! I do have a rattle from the back which this could well address but most of the noise is from the front.
Worn/dried out ball joints on the drop links for the front ARB can make a terrible noise over bumps and the degree of actual play is never picked up as serious on an MOT, in fact you have to take the loading right off of them to feel it usually. If the drop links on your car are original then 43K miles is well past their normal non rattling life span. Replacement drop links are very cheap and can be changed quickly, just make sure you have an 18mm A/F ring spanner (and a 5mm Allen key) available as the ball joint nut on most that I have seen is this size and not the standard 19mm A/F for the thread size......
Thanks John_D. A report so far....
I wrapped tape around the rear hatch-latch and its helped a little. This wasn't however the main noise. I changed the ARB drop links but couldn't find anything wrong with the old ones and unless you are a conoisseur of Micra noises you probably wouldn't notice any difference. However, whilst I was under there I could see that the rhs subframe support arm bushes are in a bad state. I couldn't detect any/much movement in them but they look awful. Checking the lhs shows that the arm on that side seems to have been replaced suggesting these have been a problem in the past. I'm wondering how awkward it is to swap this arm (no 4 in the Haynes manual 4734 diagram page 10.2 )? I am assuming that they don't need to be replaced as a pair? I've also seen the arm bushes on sale at around 20 quid a pair which seems a little cheaper than replacing the arm. Has anyone any experience with doing this as a bush swap? Would you change the wishbone at the same time?
My nightmare is that this job will suffer real mission creep and I'm going to end up replacing the subframe and ARB bushes and the wishbones! I'm having real problems telling what is actually causing the problem.

Any guidance anyone?

O/s inner arch under the. Headlight rots, on k12 and notes,
Wiper linkage wears out
timming chains
Can sensor
Headlights degrading
Tail lights or tail gate seeping water in and rolling the wheel well
Tail light earth
Noticed in the scrapyards they are beginning to suffer rust on sills and rear arches.specially if the cars had bodywork done
Keyless setup, key fobs cases are a little brittle and can be hit or miss with them working specially if the battery is dodgy ect
Thats what I learned when I had my 1.2 sx , and years off going through them at scrapyards
HiNissan boy... Thanks for the info. That's a right rust trap up below the headlight and in the wheel arch below. Mine was already going there so I've stripped and treated the rust. Will follow with underseal and waxoyl up over the wheel arch plastic plate. Hopefully I got it in time.
Update on the suspension noise. Took it to an MOT centre today who put it on the ramp and pried at all the bushes etc. They could Find nothing wrong and despite the noise reassured me it was still roadworthy and MOT-able. Their advice is live with it until whatever is causing it becomes obvious... But I'm finding it so annoying I'm not sure I can?
Surely someone else must have had a similar problem? Maybe it's shocks internally???
Ok finally tired if this noise. Changed all Shocks and mounts/bearings. Slight improvement, stripped and changed wishbones.. Vast improvement, swapped front right SUBFRAME support bracket, noise now acceptable!!
Not sure why 2 garages failed to diagnose the worn ball joints but I have my suspicions. Im not sure how closely Guildford tyres Cranleigh work with Gaston Car sales also of Cranleigh.... if at all? Paranoia is a terrible thing.