Question: Any tips for building a Micra for oval racing?

Hi all, I recently bought 2 k11 1.0 Micras a 99 and 00. I was just wondering what tips you all can give me regarding building a Micra hot rod. I've previously built and raced a Toyota starlet ep70 but unfortunately the Micras have the edge on power, that's why I'm turning to the dark side. I will be skimming the head but I'd love to know bits and pieces regarding Micra specific things like gearboxes and other little tricks for extra power.
Thanks for your help
Swap in a 1.3 bottom end with the 1.0 pistons and 1.3 head. If you cant use a 1.3 bottom then use the 1.3 cams.

And: exhaust manifold, Lighten the flywheel, lighten the pulleys, Other intake manifold, port the head, GA15 throttlebody (Or ga16 if you dont need the idle control). It kinda depends on what you want powerwise and what restrictions you have engine wise.