am leaving , msc ,

hi all , just saying bye bye , to all msc , who have helped me with advice , thank you very much .

I have traded in "picking up new car next week" my 63 plate micra visia ,

I cant wait to get rid of this micra , its my 3rd new micra and in my opinion the worst car I have ever owned ,

its got , transmission issues ,brakes grind all the time ,power steering motor wines all the time ,rear seat bench is falling apart ,it does 10mpg less than advertised by Nissan , and now its got rust on the roof .

I paid £8200,new. as trade in a got £5000. a loss in 6 months of £3200 ish.

I will never ever buy another Nissan , I am disgusted with them and there customer service dept.

I have bought a new c3 picassso exclusive ,my in laws have one and it does what it says on the tin. lol.

all the best to all micras owners and hope you don't have the same issues as myself ,

with a bit of luck if they have any sense nissan will bring the micra back to sunderland and put the 1.5 diesel back in it

regards to all , john


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Sorry to hear you are leaving but of course theres not a lot you can do with modern nissan build quality eh. Don't forget us if you ever fancy a project car or some entry level motorsport though :)
Good luck with the new motor.


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ah sorry :rolleyes: i read it wrong ;) ya got a c3 picassso, just cos ya not got a micra, does,nt mean ya have to stop coming on here, i aint got one :D but still come on here.
That's what I read too it all went to S*** after the K11, but not suprising as Renaults are built like crap these days too.
As someone else said don't leave just cause you don't have a Micra, I was reading these forums long before I got one.
Anyway good luck whatever you decide :)
Renault took over Nissan in 2003 with a 29 billion dollar investment (French government) to save them going under.
The micra K12 was based on a clio with many of their parts used in the manufacture of the K12, and its downhill since then.
Better of buying a K11, the last of the true nissans, even if they're over 11 years old, performance, economy and reliability par excellence.
Wonder where the machine parts and tooling are for the k11 body...Would love a brand new k11! This car is an absolute classic, but is so much under the radar.