Almera seats!

I found an almera in the scrappy today and decided to go for what appeared to be an easy swap. The forums read that three bolts line up and you just have to drill one hole! Not true.
I removed the brackets from the almera thinking that I may be able to use it.
In the micra I test fit the seat and only one bolt hole lines up (front inside nearest the gear shift)
After that, i lined up the almera rear bracket with the seat and measured out a spot to drill into the bracket for the original micra rear inner seat mount bolt.
For the outside two bolts, I drilled a hole into the body, tapped and threaded with a rather large bolt.
Seems really solid. I will probably get some nut-certs and install them into the body.

Last I used the original micra seat belt clips with the almera bolt. I bent one tab so the seat sliders are clear to slide forward and back.

I'll put pics up tomorrow so you guys can see my steps.
Not sure, engine was the same one I used the air box off of for my 1.3 micra. It was a 5 door, had a distributor engine? I should of looked at the reg
From looking on auto trader, it was most likely a P reg. Same body style at least.
I thought I may be able to change runners, but I have no idea how to get the sliders off. The slide release mechanism is different as well. I'll get a load of pics up tomorrow. I'm pleased with the seats, I'm 6'5" so headroom is important for me.

I believe I'll be able to bolt in the almera center console with these seats also. I'm excited for that!
The inboard mount is pretty secure. The almera bracket is the same width as the center tunnel. They are bolted together (each side) and the micra seat mount bolts secure the bracket with original almera bolts anchoring seats to the bracket.
Seats in! Also I'll upload pics on the bracket. This is my first time, but I'll put a proper Diy together. They do sit a little off center, and it annoys me. I may work something out to fix that.


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