Almera gti fuel pump into k11 step by step

here's how you fit the Almera gti fuel pump into the Micra as you know it's good for 200 bhp or more, and cheap to buy and wiring is same connector
so here is what you need all the tools are
hammer , 10mm spanner, long nose plyers, and a sharp bar,
now time to take battery ground off and go under the rear seats you will see 3 bolts which are 10mm bolts, open them so it's like this
and the connector needs pulling off,
now you will get a sharp bar and slowly hit it will a hammer on the plastic cover to open the lip for the tank as you seem where am hitting it until it is loose, when it's open u will need take off both fuel lines off but making sure you have took pictures of everything so you know where each line goes or mark them,
now you have opened then lip and took off the both lines, there is 2 more fuel lines and wires under the lid which needs to come off, when u done that place it away,
right at this stage u have took all the pipes off and the wiring off holding the main top lid with all the pipes when it's off you will see 2 hand clips which u press and take off the pump where it's holding it in place,
the clip is in the tank which holds the fuel pump in place so here it comes off well that's easy,
now here comes the k11 pump in the holder and Almera gti pump there both are Diffrent ? well that's right the wires are same and connectors, and feed lines only 1 thing Diffrents is it's slim so it won't fit in the holder so I had a plan of using a rubber tube that fits the pump holder and a tube that holds the Almera pump in tight, make sure it's clean and use gloves,
I used a tube and a clip to make sure it's tight and fits in, making sure it will never come off,
then I placed it in the tank and it fits in nice as you can see it, when you put it back together go in the order from wire connectors to pipes and took in the pictures u took or marked up so it's right fuel lines, Now you done the pipes and wires in place you can now put the lid on and using the sharp bar and hammer again make sure it's tight fitting and then on the fuel lines on top lid and wiring connector on top
that's the k11 fuel pump out and Almera in time to put the battery wires on and start it up, anyone needs help on this can pm me

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