well here we go chaps :D
girlfriends daddy was clearing out his garage, seen these in the skip, 4 of em with fairly new tyres...
(stole this pic from google images, get up pics of the actual ones when i was em later, or maybe tomorrow)

i will probably need a pic with the centre cap off for an answer to this but....
seeing as im thinking of selling the micra, i reckon if i put these on i could persuade myself to keep it, which ideally is what i would rather do :grinning:
anyway could you redrill these to fit the micra?
and if so... is this something i can do with a good drill and bit or would i have to leave it to a machinist or something like that?
think these and my lowering spring that still havnt arrived ( are USELESS!!!! useless!!!!!!!!! for customer service and stuff) would make the car look 'the good kind of different'? fwn
They do lots of adaptors for VWs which are 4x100 loke the micra
again, please forgive my ingorance but could you explain that out a bit, im just clueless lol
would that involve changing the hubs...
or do are they like something that bolts flush onto my old 4 stud hub to create the 5 stud pattern?

Cheers crack_fox, Andy :D