Alloy wheel refurbishment company around Cambridgeshire?

Hi everyone, I've managed to score a set of alloys that might be going on my mate's Micra. A couple of them have a bit of "gutter rash" on them, and could do with a refurb.

Are there any decent (and cheap!) places that do the refurb work in and around cambridgeshire?

Many thanks in advance : )
home diy :) easy job. and cheap as chips

How do you suggest I go about it, cam? If I put some pictures up of the wheels, could you guys give me a yes or no if it would be worth doing? It's a set of these wheels:

Not bad for £56! I would like them in black, but I've read that if you use satin black paint, you don't use a lacquer? And I would like to use some, to protect the wheels you see............