Alloy wheel bolts Q

Got these studs fitted to a k12 sure I read on here there standard for steel & alloys plus eBay sellers saying there for alloys to. Is this correct ? If so can they be used on these alloys shown, there’s 20mm of threads showing on back of alloy .


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It'll depend on the alloy, if the seat matches the bolt then it should be ok.

20mm should be ok since that are M12. Depends how thick the disc is, but I'd guess should get a good 15mm, so 10 turns of the bolt.
Cheers vexorg
Seats the same taper so I’ll give them a test fit this week, even buying new aftermarket alloy studs there the same Length taper as just silver looking. Or you can buy longer but will stick out the back of hub & cause major issues. From bottom of taper Starts of the thread to end of Stud thread there only 26mm so I think he more than enough with 20mm after it’s in alloy.