Alloy help..

I have been looking at countless threads looking for a definitive answer to a question I have but have so far failed.

I have just bought some new alloys but the tires are far to big and wide. They are currently 205/55/15 and the original tires I still have on car are 165/60/14.

I am going to buy some new tires but I don't know whether to get 185's or 195's and I am wondering if anyone knows whether 195's will fit with any rubbing?? Car hasn't been lowered and nothing else has really been done to it that would implement wheels and tires etc.

Any help would be brilliant.
Thanks in advance.
(ps sorry for so many threads and posts, i obviously have too much free time!)


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195s will be fine, 55 is a bit big though, I'd go for 50s or 45s preferably.

You shouldnt have any rubbing, and even with the car lowered 35mm you should only get a littlt rubbing on full lock.
So does it matter how big the ones on the back are? I know they don't have to turn obviously but for example could I leave two tyres on and only buy new ones for the front??