Airbag Light K11 1998

Hi guys,

I'm new on here, it looks like a great community :). I was wondering if you could help me out. My 1998 GX currently has the airbag light on, is this is a common problem? I think it may just need resetting? Is this possible without a diagnostic tool, or is there something obvious to check that could be causing the light to come on?

Also, the electric window on the drivers side does not open, is there a common fault with this and is the door card easy to remove?


Hi bud, the door card is easy peasy - take the arm rest off, and just pull it off. You can then have a mooch around and probably find your fault.
Your airbag light can be turned off with one of those reader things (they can't all do it) if it comes back on then your pre-tensioner is probably at fault, cheap fix on ebay, or local scrappy.