air vent

hi every one ,,, my micra se 2001 ,, the right hand air vent ,,on the center of the facia panel is hardly blowing atall !! has anyone had this fault / or might know whats the cause // many thanks
the further away the vent is from the blower motor the less pressure there is, and so they can get blocked easier I guess since there isn't much air to flush through the dust

Try turning the fan to recirculate, opening the glovebox, and closing all the air vents except the one that is faulty, then put the fan on full for 5 minutes and see if that blows out any dust or anything.

Might also be worth replacing the cabin filter if your car has one. The newer filters that remove the most particulates from the air need replacing more often since they block up much easier putting more strain on the blower motor and reducing airflow, and if the airflow reduces or the blower motor is running at a lower rpm the first place you'll notice it is at the vents furthest from the airbox.