Air recirculate lever stuck

Cleaning the 98 facelift Micra today and noticed the air recirculate lever will only move about half way from the right (fresh air) to the middle.
It will not go all the way to the left (recirculate)
It's the Mrs car and she has been complaining of misting up and damp smells.

I have not had a look at it yet. I am guessing that there is a flap stuck or cable trapped?
Is it a major job to get to?
I have had the middle part of the dash out before to change to radio.
The car has air con if this makes a difference?

Thanks for any help.


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Its just a cable from what i remember, no idea how you'd go about fixing it...mine does the same thing and the only way to get it accross is to move it one way then quickly sneak up on it with a swing in the other direction. I only got so far looking into the fault, decided i didnt really care and gave up (doesnt affect engine performance and i never really touch it anyway lol).

From memory : You can unbolt the unit, then it slides out along with the cable runs through the unit and upto the flap on the passenger side.