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So the bumpers wings and door handles are in the bodyshop being resprayed. Should get them back next week sometime. In the meantime, I've been undersealing the rear bodywork behind the bumper and will also do the inner arches and front cross member while I can get to everything.
Thanks. I've no idea what the spoiler was actually from. I think there was a few models fitted with this type spoiler. Super s, Sr, Sport+.
All the parts being prepped in the body shop.





Had to have one of the wings sanded to bare metal as the aftermarket paint used when I got the wing pre done reacted with the etch primer.
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Thanks. Yes I'm really pleased. Its got to go back in to be polished further as they couldn't polish the bumpers fully on tressles as they're too flimsy.
Little more work on the headlights. Rewired the whole lot to reduce current draw.


Also sprayed it satin black. I didn't know that the silver finish is so thin that you can't put tape on it to mask over spray. The silver peels off.


No worries. I'll fit more LEDs.


Made this to fit where the sidelight goes. Cant power it up as I've not got the correct resistors.
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I'm pleased with the results.
Remember though, if you are adding any LEDs to your car, make sure you get the right resistor value. Don't choose a resistor for 12volts as your LEDs will not last very long. Choose a resistor for 14.5 volts which is what an alternator roughly puts out.
Ok. So I've started to mod another set of lights with different LEDs.
These are 8mm soft white LEDs. They're also not superbright ones.
Took the light apart and drilled out the holes.
Its really awful stuff to drill when you get past 4mm dia holes.
LEDs temp fitted for soldering up. Once they're wired up I can pop them out to spray the surround.


Earth's fitted and LEDs linked.
Ive done it in five banks of three.



Left the resistors at work. Doh!
I'll power it up Monday.

Got a couple of cigarette lighter sockets and cut off the connectors.


Drilled a hole in the rear of the headlight unit and bonded them in with epoxy, so my LEDs have a separate supply from the sidelights.
Forgot to take a pic though.
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Have had a really small oil leak from the nearside gearbox driveshaft.
I never replaced the seals when I removed the box a couple of years ago. So thought I'd sort it.
£7:20 for the seal from Nissan and some new oil. 75/80 as my box doesn't like 80/90 when it's cold.
As its getting warmer I decided to put the aircon on that I had filled last summer.
No joy, not cold hmmmm.
Got someone round to sort it.

Remove the old gas.


Vacuum/leak check, and boil off any moisture.


Fill up with new r134a.


Turned out both valves on the lines were leaking so he replaced them. £1 not bad.
£60 in total. Nice and chilly now.
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New horns courtesy of Ford. Two Fiestas lined up in the scrapyard. Direct fit.


Also there's a reason Nissan only fit one to the facelift. The outboard horn which I added touches the bonnet and aircon rad if youre not careful.
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Well after 3 weeks. Finally managed to pick up my side skirts and electric mirrors from Castleton Motor Bodies after being resprayed and colour coded ( the skirts were quite rough, and the mirrors were from a metallic green micra).


Just need to find time to fit them.
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Mirrors need to be rebuilt and a new unit needs fitting to one of them.
Nissan Primera Y reg has the same motor in the mirrors.


New motors fitted.

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Drilled some mounting holes whilst trial fitted.


Then masked up the car so's not to get pu adhesive everywhere.


Then masked up the skirt and applied the pu adhesive bead.

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Can't locate the main loom for the electric mirrors. The wiring is in the doors but nowhere to be found behind the dash.
Had to work out how the switch works and which connection for each mirror.
What a pain in the arse that was. Mainly due to the fact each mirror has a common feed and the motors need to operate forwards and reverse.
Anyway. Sorted.


Just need to fit them and make a loom up.
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Thought I'd clean the MAF sensor after 14 years of service.


Seems to idle and run smoother.
Might just be coincidence.
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Stripped them down to work out which wires go where.


Connector wiring. Without the power fold wires.


Also easier to have painted if I don't think they look OK against my black car.
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Jamie Sykes has a set too. The other electric ones you have, did you manage to strip them down enough to separate the mirror casing from the bracket?
So the mirrors have finally gone in to be sprayed up. Get them back Tuesday.
More wiring to go in now. On top of the motor wiring there's the folding wiring to sort out.
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