Advice please on replacing the clocks / Speedo on a K12

Hi all, Im new here and apologies if this is in the wrong place but I am looking for some advice on replacing the clocks on a Micra 2003 K12 1.2 S Auto

My issue is the dreaded LHS tell tail indicator not working on the clocks.

I have tried the fix (on youtube) of soldering in a new wire to bypass the faulty circuit on the PCB but it didnt work for me, so i'm thinking i'll just buy a replacement set of clocks and fit them in instead.

My clocks have stickers / part numbers on them showing that are AX772 and AX30602, so I type those part numbers and search for a replacement set on-line but none of my ones seem to come up, I get every other number come up but not mine?


There are lots on-line for sale that look the same as mine, but they all have different part numbers.

Some of these are:
AX700 etc

So could someone offer any advice please on if there is any difference between these clocks? And if I can use a set of clocks (that are from a K12 model) but with a different part number? Or am I restricted to using only use clocks with the same part numbers.

Any help or advice appreciated.

Thank you