Advice Needed - K10 1.2 GSX 5Dr

I am looking for advice on the value of a K10 1.2 GSX 5dr.

The car has around 50,000 on the clock and isn’t in the best of condition as it has a leaking roof.

I am just looking for advice on roughly the value of which to sell at - Any advice would be much appreciated.
Hi there mate, K10s have seemed to gone up in value and dont seem to be many for sale, its a 1.2 so that helps, is it a automatic?

There's a 1l 3 door on ebay in great condition and thats £2000, so even of yours is in ok condition still say £800-1000.

Where are you based im actually looking to buy another k10 lol

The car is a Manual and is a F reg it’s not in the best of conditions as it has a leaking roof and needs an MOT.

Thank you for the advice about the value, I am based in Barry, Wales. If you would like to see pictures I could send them in an email if you are interested.
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