Advice, ignition ecc 1.2 or Classic ignition?

Hello everyone

Here I am looking for information about electronic ignition ECC or classic?
I own a K10 1.2 ECC with catalyst of 1992 ...

She started having idle problems and engine shutdown at low speeds!
Dismantling and cleaning the carburetor (new seals)

And nothing to change!

There were days when it rolled without problems and other days impossible to ride with ...
So I was advised to transfer the intake pipe and the carburettor by the one of a classic version (carburetor 1.0L and intake pipe without EGR and co)

But this morning I wondered if she could ride with that without changing ignition distributor?
Hey, she's doing very well :)

But I observe that its idle is not very good hot ... except when I unplug the vacum pipes, the engine speed is higher but no more jerk ...

Or do I have to plug the boost sensor into the vaccum tubing too?

Or it is imperative to mount a conventional ignition 1.0L?

Thank you very much for your patience (my english is not good I speak french basic)