Adjusting the handbreak?

Micra Jim

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Hey guys,

I have to bring my handbrake up to around 5/6 clicks before it has any effect on locking the back wheels.

Just wondering how i would go about tighting the handbreak on my K10?


micra man

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Take both of the rear wheels off and take the covers off the drums. There should be a little wheel on either side behind there. What you have to do is tighten this wheels until the covers JUST fits back on the drums, and this should sort out your problem. :) It may need adjusting again from time to time as the auto adjusters are poo!!! Hope this helps mate. :)

Does the handbrake need to be applied at all when doing this or should it be off / released


the handbrake should be off .There is also a cable adjuster under the car that takes up slack from the cable see the pic.must be some thing in the air I just replaced my brake shoes yesterday



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Just to point out that it should be a very last resort to ajust the handbrake cable. Its 99.9% always the rear auto ajusters or very worn pads.