adjustable Panhard Rod fitting


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I've recently lowered my car by about 45mm and have been informed the panhard rod could be under too much stress. Because i don't fancy the idea of this breaking I'm going to fit a Whiteline adjustable. Problem is I've never done it before.

Does anyone have any advice out there as to what to do, problem areas and if any specialised equipment is required?


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I'm sure there was a guide somewhere. Am sure you jack the rear of the car up, take the old panhard rod. Attach the new panhard rod and lower the car, then look at how far the wheel is sticking out the side of the arch.

Jack the car back up, undo the side that has the adjustment and adjust as needs be.


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My whiteline adjustable panhard rod was set at minimum and seem to be just about right for a 50mm drop..

Fitting the new one is a doddle with the car jacked up and the wheels in the air..

However I had Horrendous problems removing the old one..

tip- keep an angle grinder close to hand.. and use plenty of WD40


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Just for your reference, the most important thing you correct with a panhard rod adjustment is the resetting of the rear axle position, as the rear of a micra doesnt just uniformly go up and down, it goes down and towards the driver side the lower the car goes - and obviously the standard rod is set for standard ride height.

With lower springs in place, the axle isnt just "higher" on the car (or body lower on the wheels!), but also pushed slightly to one side, putting wear on all kinds of things it shouldnt and offsetting the rear axle relative to the front - it can also cause some odd lift-off behavior in tight bends if you are not careful and you lower the car a lot on the standard rod.

I would personally recommend a laser 4-wheel alignment and setup, as you can then line up the offset of the axle dead in line with the front, rather than just by eye :)
i just fitted myne yesterday and it took approxmitly 1 hour and 25 mins to do!

the old one is a ##### to get off and u need a 9inch grinder to grind the bolts off and a hammer,lol.

my wheels wer only 4mm to the left so it didnt need much adjusment!

oh and on the adjustable side of the whitline rod u need to bore it out by 1mm as the bolts do not fit it and then u will need to tap the other side up forst as its abit tight!

once myne was on we just measured both sides of the car from back of wheel arch wall to the end of the tyhre face, the just adjusted it till right!

thas the problems i had yesterday but u may not have the same trouble but good luck mate.