Adding Hard Wired USB/Extra 12v Cig to Car - Anyone done it?

Could use adding the normal USB and ideally an extra 12v cig point but would prefer a proper hard wired solution that looks tidy as well.

Any one done that or have any ideas to share? The plug in one are cheap and solid but look better if can do something more 'designed in'

The cheapest and easiest solution would be to get something like a dual USB plug, but instead of putting it in the cig lighter mount it in the empty slot next to the headlight aiming switch or the likes, then Solder a couple of wires from its connections to the cig lighter connections.

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Ahh so rather than back to fuse board and guessing on wires I'm not totally confident over, connect to the leads to the in-situ cig lighter feed? Yeah that might well solve a world of pain. Thanks for the steer.
You can buy duralite duel USB ports for cars now I fitted one in my Micra with no problem as the wiring was there already even though my model had no ciggy lighter

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